Cloth Diapering

We started cloth diapering a little late into parenting. I had been interested with our first child when he was about 9 months old, back in 2010 but my husband wasn't on board and I wasn't going it alone! When our 2nd son was 15 months near the end of 2012the subject came up again out of pure necessity- we had to find places to cut our budget! Disposable diapering, even with store brand diapers and shopping sales + coupons was still costing us way too much. 

I emailed friends who had been cloth diapering, I read dozens of blogs, and I researched for a while. This time my husband was willing to give it a try, especially because I found a way to get them with a money back guarantee. We could use the diapers for 30 days and if we weren't satisfied, we could send them back and receive a full refund!

Try low-cost cloth diapers with a 30 day money back guarantee at Just Simply Baby!

Here are some posts I've written about our cloth diapering experience (please ignore the outdated discount codes in these posts, and shop my affiliate link by clicking the image above)

Cloth Diapering- a year later - Finally an update, after a year of cloth diapering!

Back to Cloth Diapering- returning to cloth after a brief break 

Converting to Cloth- 2 weeks in - weighing the pros and cons (note that we solved the "lint" solution by the next post and that all pocket diapers would have this problem)

Converting to Cloth- getting diapers after all the research!

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