Thursday, April 14, 2016

Essential Oils: How NOT to buy

I've been getting a lot of questions lately about how to get started with purchasing and using essential oils. I love oils so much and really believe in their many uses and benefits as we've seen them first hand in our family, so I'm sharing about them all the time. If you are a local friend or family member of mine I've probably offered you an essential oil to try.

There are plenty of ways to purchase essential oils; unfortunately not all of them are beneficial. For this reason, I'm going to cover the best ways to purchase essential oils (at the end of the post) as well as  
Where and how NOT to buy essential oils  

1. Do not buy Essential Oils at discount sites. 

I'm a very frugal gal. I will search for deals all over the place, my favorite being certain websites with "prime" benefits. Great deals shipped to me in 2 days! Who can resist! There are a lot of great things to buy on websites like this, but essential oils are not one of them, and here's why: 

  • These oils do not come from the source. Reputable essential oil companies do not condone the selling of their product on 3rd party websites, which means that these oils aren't coming from the company, even if it says their name under "seller". (Talk about an ethics issue!)
  • These oils are not guaranteed pure and potent. If they don't come from the source, there is no way to be sure what you are actually getting. Even though the bottle is "sealed" it doesn't mean it hasn't been tampered with. Re-capping supplies can also easily be purchased online! 
Bottom line: if the price seems "too good to be true" it definitely is. 

2.  Do not buy essential oils from the grocery store or other storefronts.  

Oils you buy at the grocery store may seem convenient and even a great value, but that's not always the case. 

  • These oils are often not pure and potent. I would never recommend using these oils topically or internally as they are most often only meant for aromatic use. In my opinion, if I can't safely use an oil topically, I don't want it floating around in the air I breathe either. 
  • If you read the label, many of these oils are diluted with a carrier oil. So when you thought you were saving money based on the sticker price, you actually aren't based on potency. 

3. Do not buy essential oils without a wellness advocate. 

I know multi-level marketing type sales are a big turn off for many but they are actually providing stable income for many people in a respectable and ethical format. Trusted companies choose this method to benefit the consumer!

 Here's how:
  • If you buy oils at the grocery store, online, etc. you don't always know what you're getting- as mentioned above. When you buy from the source you have access to all their ingredients and where the plants came from!
  • When you buy without a wellness advocate you may not be getting the oils you actually need and end up wasting money. 
  • When you buy from a company that is offering deep discounts it may be at the cost of their farmers or other employees. What I love about my favorite essential oil company is not only do they pay farmers and distillers fair wages year round, they partner with them to educate them on the best methods to ensure pure and potent oils. Just Google co-impact sourcing!
  • With a wellness advocate you get a teacher, a mentor , a friend who can guide you through the purchasing process and beyond. We are here to help you figure out what oils are best for you and your family as well as to teach you how to safely and effectively use them! Plus 9 times out of 10 you can get a sample of an oil to try before you buy- what online retailer or grocery store offers that?!

How to buy pure + potent essential oils: 

1. Retail- you can conveniently purchase essential oils and other wellness products with my guidance online. In doing so you can be sure I will help you along the way with uses and benefits!

2. Wholesale- If you'd like to join just for the wholesale discount then that's great! There will be no pressure from me to ever sell anything. If you'd like to pursue the business side of things, we will happily walk you through that too! Again, just contact me by email and I'll get you going!

Once you sign up to become a Wellness Advocate  and purchase your welcome kit, you will be invited into our private Facebook group where we can ask questions, share oil tips, business tips and success stories.

If you sign up with me as a wholesale distributor, you will receive:
Wholesale pricing (25% discount)
No monthly order required
Option to receive 10-30% of your total purchase back in FREE product points
Eligibility to receive a FREE Product of the Month
Ability to earn compensation and bonuses

This is the lowest overall product cost + smartest way to buy

If you're ready to learn more about how to purchase + use my favorite pure essential oils, please contact me via email and I will help you get started!  

Disclaimer- This information is my opinion based on my experiences and resources. Please use common sense and the advice of your qualified health professional when making your health decisions. These statements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.  

Friday, April 1, 2016

Fighting off Seasonal Threats...

Spring is here and I am FEELING it! Are you? Goodness, it's so annoying to have itchy, watery eyes, and respiratory discomfort when the weather is finally sunny + enjoyable. Right now tree pollen is making it's way around to bother those of us that suffer from this type of seasonal threat and by the time it lets up, grass will be in full force! 

In the past I've tried several options that claim to make all these issues go away. One worked for a little while but not even a whole season, and I still had 3/4 of the bottle left! Money wasted!

What works for me now? I'm sure many of you have already guessed, essential oils! There are several kinds that can help support healthy respiratory function and different ways to use them to best help with what your specific needs are. Try one or two solutions or implement them all! Read on to find out my favorite ways to use essential oils to alleviate seasonal discomforts... 

The best oils for this job are lemon, lavender, and peppermint: a trifecta of oils affectionately referred to as LLP. Together they are a refreshing and invigorating way to support healthy respiratory function. 

If you're new to oils, the 3 main ways to use them are topically (on the skin), aromatically (breathing them in), and internally (by way of capsules or in food/drinks).

Essential Oil uses to fight off seasonal threats: 
>>When using essential oils topically I always advise the use of a "carrier" oil to avoid any skin sensitivies and to make a small amount of oils go futher! If using lemon or other citrus essential oils, please avoid direct sun exposure to the area for 12 hours due to increased photo-sensitivity. 
>>Apply your diluted oils to your temples (closer to your hairline than your eyes!), the back of your neck and bottoms of the feet. If you experience seasonal eye discomfort, you can apply a small amount of your blend to your wrists and lightly dab your wrists around the eye socket. 
>>A great way to simplify application are these handy glass rollerball bottles. I have these for all my favorite topical solutions. I just add oils, top off with a carrier oil (fractionated coconut oils is my favorite) and they're ready to go!

>>Diffusing these oils can be very effective, as often the respiratory system is affected greatly this time of year.  Purchase a quality essential oil diffuser and add your oils for a breath of fresh air!
>>Diffusing is also great because the extra moisture helps to soothe those dried out sinuses!
>>For those without a diffuser, or when you're out and about you can simply add a drop or two to your palm, rub hands together and cup over your face to inhale.

>>I always recommend internal use be reserved for adults only. This is my personal preference. Additionally, a good rule of thumb is to not exceed 10-12 drops of oil taken internally per day. 
>>Put a few drops of each essential oil in a gel/veggie capsule and swallow.  This can be repeated several times a day as desired.
>>No capsules? A mouthful of water in a spoon or shot glass with your oils added can do the trick as well. In fact, one of my preferred methods for supporting seasonal discomforts is to add one drop each lemon, lavender, and peppermint oils to a tablespoon of water and simply swish, gargle and swallow. So refereshing!
>>And with any essential oils you'd like to take internally, you can simply add to your drinking water! Just make sure you are using only glass or stainless steel as the oils can degrade plastic. A drop or 2 to ice water is so nice, or add oils to some hot water with honey for a comforting tea!

Want to learn more about my favorite essential oils? 
Send me an email so we chat about it! 

Disclaimer- This information is my opinion based on my experiences and resources. Please use common sense and the advice of your qualified health professional when making your health decisions. These statements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.  

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