Wednesday, February 17, 2016

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It's not too often I have time for hobbies (like this one, obviously) but when I'm motivated enough I'll find a way to get to something. Lately I've been really inspired by a few creative ladies I discovered through Instagram. It started with one really pretty wall hanging and suddenly I now follow half a dozen new people so I can ooh and aaw at all their pretty creations. (come follow me for more photos + a sneak peek at my new blog design!)

I turned to Pinterest to learn more about how to make my own woven wall hanging. I got distracted there for quite a while, was drawn into the world of macrame (next project for sure!), then came back to woven tapestries and zeroed in on two tutorials. I started with this post at Gathering Beauty, using her technique to create a "loom" from a picture frame, and I referred to another post at A Beautiful Mess for some of the different weaving techniques as I went. I don't intend to post my own tutorial, but wanted to share my first-try. 

photos by b.lovely photography 

I started small for two reasons: one being that I am impatient and wanted to finish it quickly, and second because I was limited by supplies, especially the size of frame I had for my quick DIY loom. 

The great thing about this project was the ability to work on it in small bits. Even better that it was small, I could set it down just about anywhere and it was fairly out of the way. I worked on it snuggled up on the couch watching "Tiny House Hunters" on HGtv with my family over a weekend, I worked on it during naps when I wanted to sit and relax, and I mostly worked on it in the evening when all the kiddos were in bed and Ben and I were settled in for the night. Overall it took me about 2 weeks of working on it every few days. 

I went for a blue/grey color scheme to reflect the winter weather we've been having and because I had a lot of varied textured yarns in that range of colors. It works well hung where my paper flower wreath was last spring, and our felt wreath hung over the holidays. 

Choosing the types of weaves to do and which colors and textures to pair together was probably the best part. The hardest part was making sure I stayed with the pattern once I got going and learning how to do something different than the basic over under pattern. 

I didn't particularly like the way you could see the thread on some of the blue parts at first, but now it's kind of grown on me, just more texture. The not-so-fun part was weaving/sewing in all the ends and typing it to the dowel to hang it up. 

When working on something new, I like to remind myself "It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful" which, if you're not familiar, is a quote from Myquillyn AKA The Nester. It applies to so many parts of life and is always true. 

I'm definitely planning on getting a larger loom soon and creating more, learning as I go. I see this little DIY quickly becoming a new creative outlet and hobby to enjoy.

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