Tuesday, September 15, 2015

"Preschool Home"

We are loving getting back into the routine of school around here. As I did with Malakai I am homeschooling Desmond for his Pre-Kindergarten year. He lovingly calls it "preschool home".

Sonlight Curriculum

If you're looking at homeschool curriculum options I'd encourage you to consider Sonlight. This is my first year using it and we love it already. I'm so glad that friends of ours were able to share it with us and that we went with their recommendation. I wanted to pass along some of my favorite reasons why it really works for us.

* My children are getting a great education and loving it! Sonlight is a literature-based curriculum, so we read tons of great books out loud together. The kids devour plenty of books on their own, too. We stay away from boring textbooks and really engage in what we're learning. Desmond is currently using the Pre-K curriculum and Malakai (in 1st grade) is always begging to join us or save lessons for when he's home.

* That time spent reading together on the couch is creating some great memories--we learn so much about each other as we discuss the events, ideas and characters we discover.

* With the Instructor's Guides Sonlight provides, we can just open up the guide and do school every day without me spending much time planning. This is by far my favorite part about buying a homeschool curriculum. 2 years ago with Malakai I used a free curriculum but had to do all the purchasing and lesson planning weekly, it was like having a part time job! This way I can spend my evenings hanging out with my husband after the kids are in bed!

{our little school area}

* Sonlight prepares my kids to engage with the world around them. We study lots of different cultures and don't just focus on US history. My kids know that not everyone is like us, and they're learning to care about those around them with an intelligent and Christ-centered love.

* Sonlight offers the best risk-free offer of anyone. You can take a whole year to use 18-weeks of a curriculum package or Instructor's Guide. If you don't love it, send it all back (used books and all) and receive a full refund of every penny you paid.

* I get all the help I need from Sonlight's online forums, their curriculum advisors (who can help me choose which products will fit my family best) and their customer relations team.

I should also mention that on top of that, Sonlight has a Rewards Program I enjoy. If you decide to purchase from Sonlight, enter my Rewards ID when you register an account on their site and you'll get $5 off your first order ($50 or more).

My Rewards ID: SP20422761

Or just use this link:


Check out the "Why Sonlight" page for some great articles about Sonlight that may help.

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