Monday, June 23, 2014

Baby P #3: 29-ish weeks

{just before my shower on Sunday, more on that to come!}

How far along:  29 weeks, 4 days

How big is baby: this week's food is an acorn squash, 15.2 -16.7 inches, 2.5-3.8lbs

What have you been up to: sorting through and finding places for all our amazing gifts from the shower that was thrown for us this past weekend. 
Maternity clothes: yes, I've already grown out of some!

Sleep: decent.
Milestones: nothing too notable related to baby's growth. 

Best Moment:  I have to say the baby shower, it was wonderful! I will post all the details as soon as I can. 
Worst Moment: back pains were not so great last week, but they've been better this week. I'll soon be rocking a very fashionable support belt due to my PT's recommendation. 

Food cravings:  quiche. I've been wanting it for so long and finally got some this weekend!
Food aversions: same as usual, nothing spicy or greasy. 
Symptoms: near constant heartburn again, back aches, and some leg cramps. 

Movement: little feet in my ribs every time I sit. She also has started wedging herself into my hip area on occasion and it's VERY uncomfortable. Today Malakai saw my belly ripple with movements from across the room, he was surprised and thrilled.
Gender: girl!
What I’m looking forward to: setting up the nursery.

What I’m nervous about/praying for: for my back pain to resolve or at least be more manageable over the next 4 weeks that I have left of PT. 

What I miss: being able to bend down or sit on the floor without struggling, being able to talk without losing my breath. 

Next appointment: beginning of next month.

Weekly Wisdom: Let yourself be pampered at your shower. I'm such a "doer" that the gals hosting had to keep telling me no when I tried to help set up or clean up. I couldn't help but want to be useful!

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