Friday, June 6, 2014

Baby P #3: 27 weeks

How far along:  27 weeks, 1 day

How big is baby: comparable to a rutabaga...I don't even know what that is but apparently it's approximately 13.6-14.8 inches and 1.5-2.2lbs

What have you been up to: projects, projects, projects. We've painted the house, I threw a baby shower for one of my bests, and I did some decorating and lots of cleaning. 
Maternity clothes: yeah yeah. maxi skirts are my favorite right now. 

Sleep: odd. some nights are great, others are difficult but I've definitely crossed into the weird dreams stage. 
Milestones: 3rd trimester, just 9-13 weeks to go!

Best Moment:  seeing my lovely friend Lindsey and her adorable first baby bump, and showering her with love and gifts to welcome her baby girl. 
Worst Moment: lots of parenting challenges, I blame sick and allergy ridden kiddos. For those of you who don't know, we live in the allergy capitol...literally. 

Food cravings:  desserts, all the desserts. I've been brushing my teeth right after dinner as motivation to not eat dessert, ha!
Food aversions: heartburn is still keeping me away from anything even mildly spicy or fried. Although, I've not really a fan of fried foods anyway. 
Symptoms: aches and pains that come with a growing belly and a weak back. I'm so thankful for physical therapy. I already feel like I'm on my way to being stronger for this labor + delivery. Allergies (hay fever) are far worse while pregnant, and heartburn is coming back with a vengeance. 

Movement: a lot more big ones, and she's moving more often. She used to only move when I'd sit or lay down but she's been bopping around in there while I've been on the go the last week. I love it. 
Gender: girl!
What I’m looking forward to: my friends are throwing me a baby shower later this month and I'm so excited to see so many family and friends!

What I’m nervous about/praying for: I'm not nervous about child birth but I'm definitely praying for it to go smoothly. 

What I miss: I found myself missing cocktails the other day, silly Pinterest with all your summer drinks! We rarely even drink, especially cocktails, but man they looked good!

Next appointment: next week for glucose blood draw, rhogam shot and whooping cough vaccine. joyous occasion indeed. 
Weekly Wisdom: don't forget about your ab muscles. That comes from my Physical Therapist. I've found my back is becoming stronger as I learn to focus my stretches and exercises and a big part of that is flexing ab muscles instead of ignoring them. 

Here are the boys joining in on our photoshoot...


{it's blurry, but I love this picture of Kai. 
He's so sweetly disappointed
 about not getting to use the camera}

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