Monday, April 28, 2014

Baby P #3: 21-22 Weeks

{I need to get some better pictures taken before this phase of pregnancy is over!}

How far along:  21 weeks, 4 days

How big is baby: comparable to a pomegranate, approx. 10.5 inches, 12.7 ounces

What have you been up to: Cleaning, organizing, and planning. 
Maternity clothes: In order to wear most of my non-maternity tops, I have to wear a maternity tank underneath to make it long enough. 

Sleep: decent
Milestones: We registered for our shower. I went CRAZY on the girls' clothes. I know registering for clothes isn't super necessary but now what we like is on there for the completion discount after all is said + done :) 

I also finished my first handmade item for baby recently...

Best Moment: Feeling my little girl move more + more. 

Worst Moment: Desmond has been on a nap strike the past 2 weeks. Thankfully he actually went down on his own today without my having to take him on a sleep drive. 

Food cravings:  chocolate. I'm not usually big on candy but I can't stay out of the Easter treats. 

Food aversions: anything spicy or greasy. 
Symptoms: I'm having a lot of growing pains. 

Movement: She's most active at night or first thing in the morning but she gives me little nudges here and there throughout the day as well. 
Gender: girl!
What I’m looking forward to: finalizing her name. 
What I’m nervous about/praying for: I'm praying for rest and for my boys to transition out of this difficult stage. I'd love for Des to go back to napping on a regular basis! 

What I miss:  being able to get down on the floor or pick up my kids with ease. 
Next appointment: in 2 more weeks. 
Weekly Wisdom: you can do more than you give yourself credit for!

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