Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My Ikea Wishlist...

This weekend we are going to Ikea....kid free! It's a small miracle that we worked it out, but the boys will hang out with my parents for the day while we ride up with Ben's parents for a day trip to Portland, just to go to Ikea. They've never been and the one time Ben and I went together year's ago we didn't even know there was a downstairs section besides the warehouse, so we only saw the showroom. I went in November during my girl's weekend, and have been wanting to go back with Ben to check out a few things ever since.

We've been building a list, and by "we" I mean me. Here are just a few of the things I want to check out. We may buy a handful of the cheaper items or we may just eat Swedish meatballs and browse. Either way, it's kind of fun to see what other people are shopping for sometimes, so I thought I'd share what's on my Ikea wish list.


MULA Bead roller coaster- my boys still love toys like this at the Doctor's office. However, like a lot of things I think not having our own makes it more desirable when you play with it elsewhere. This is why we will NEVER have a train table, that and they're way too big for our tiny space. 

LEKA CIRKUS Play book- I love soft books for babies. 

KRAMA Washcloth- all of our kids' washcloths are on their way out, we could use plenty of new ones for baby P #3


KURA Reversible bed (bunk bed)- We have a bunk bed for the boys but the frames are too big for their mattresses (I think it's actually made for full size, and we have twins) so we are contemplating selling it to buy this smaller and lower set that would fit in our little house much better. Plus I'd feel safer about having Kai on a top bunk that is this low. Desmond's mattress would just be on the floor at the bottom. 

MALA drawing paper roll- for the easel that Mima + G'Pa got them for Christmas, it has a spool for drawing paper built in. 

BUSA Play tunnel- Malakai got a HUGE kick out of this when he was 2 at a friend's house and I've wanted to get him one ever since. Both boys would go crazy over it. 

FORSIKTIG Children's stool- because the boys always fight over the stool we have and I think Kai is a little too heavy for it, they could use something sturdier like this. 

Storage + Organization

ALGOT Frame- A closet system or 3 would be great for the bedrooms. I know we won't be buying this now. It's more likely that Ben will build something, but it would be nice to have the money to something easy like this. 

SKUBB boxes - a few sets of the small ones would be great for organizing kid's clothes, or baby stuff. We have a few large ones, but I'd love more, they are so handy!

DOKUMENT letter tray- pretty simple, but I could use something more sturdy for our filing system than the magazine files I'm using now. 

BYGEL Rail set- with minimal storage in the galley I've been wanting to utilize wall space under the cabinets. 


Dining sets- we have a fund set aside that was started as a Christmas gift from Ben's parents for a new dining set. Our current set is over 8 years old and was a whopping $99 at Walmart. So we are definitely looking to upgrade and we have a lot of musts- like SOLID wood, no veneer (we want it to last basically forever), expandable to keep small on the regular, but with the option (preferably a butterfly leaf for storage sake) to sit the whole family when they visit,  and we are pretty keen on a counter height set, but it's not an absolute.

From what I've seen on Ikea's website, the solid wood sets are all meant for outdoor dining. We'll see what they have but I'm guessing we will stick with the set at a local furniture store that we fell in love with a couple month's back.

I'm sure along the way I'll see something I really want and add it to the list, but just from browsing their site and from my last trip this is what I'm most looking forward to. It may seem silly to plan out a trip, but when the closes Ikea is 2 hours away and you've only been able to get up there a handful of times, it is truly a trip worth planning for. 

Do you live near an Ikea? What's your favorite or must-have item? I'd love your recommendations so I can be sure to check them out while we're there, because we'll be able to stroll leisurely through the isles without bored children to worry about. Oh, I'm so excited!

This post is not sponsored by or affiliated with Ikea, I am just excited to shop there! 

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