Monday, March 3, 2014

Kristi's Gender Reveal

I mentioned before when I made my pregnancy #3 announcement that Ben's sister, Kristi, is also expecting. 
{Shan 13 weeks-3rd pregnancy, Kristi 20 weeks-1st pregnancy}

She and her husband Nick went in for their 20 week ultrasound on Friday morning. They found out the gender of their first baby, but we all had to wait until that evening. We had a combination birthday party for Kristi + gender reveal. She made cupcakes and put colored icing inside. Needless to say, we all insisted on having dessert first.

That afternoon Ben + I had to take the boys in for ear checks. Malakai was still complaining of pain, even though he was a week into his latest antibiotic. He was also having throat pain and developed a new cough. Desmond had started rubbing his ears and while I was pretty sure he was getting his last 2 molars in, I wanted to make sure he too wasn't suffering an ear infection. 

Desmond checked out fine but Kai's left ear was still infected. So they gave us a stronger antibiotic and Ben went to go pick it up. I went straight to my in-laws where the party was happening and told everyone it would be a bit. Ben was 6th in line and was told it would be half an hour. Even though he checked back 15 minutes later and things did go a little faster, it was surely an eternity for Debbie, their mom. She was dying to know and kept dropping hints about ways she could find out sooner rather than later. 

Just before 6 Ben finally arrived and the tension was over. We all gathered around the table to bite into our open up our cupcakes to see if the inside would be pink or blue. The majority of the guesses were that they would be having a girl, but Kristi and I both said boy and we were right!

{Vanessa, Malakai, + Debbie discovering the blue filling}

I'm so excited to be an auntie for the first time come this July (Kristi is due the day after my due date with Kai, 3 days after his birthday). I can't wait to meet my little nephew! Congrats Nick + Kristi!


  1. How fun that they are having a boy! I'm sure your boys will love having a little cousin to play with :)

  2. Nick is my brother and I am overly excited for him I know he will be a wonderful father and with such a great woman to share such a wonderful thing with. Kids our so amazing they change your whole out look on life. I know my nephew will be an awesome kid with such awesome ppl to be there parents! I love you guys and miss you both so very much congrats again and again :-))


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