Thursday, March 27, 2014

Baby P #3: 17 weeks

Looks like I've been posting these about every 2 weeks. That's about as much as I have time for these days. Life is a whirlwind with 2 preschool-aged boys and constant sickness in the house (seriously, we are about to enter month 4 of illness, not cool winter, not cool). Anyway, the 2 week timing will work out well because in another 2 weeks is our big ultrasound! 

{blurry photo courtesy of Malakai}

How far along:  17 weeks

How big is baby: approximately the size of an onion, 5.1 inches, 5.9 ounces

What have you been up to: decluttering, wiping noses, sniffling, watching too much Disney Jr...
Maternity clothes:  a little bit of both. I haven't bothered to try on any of my pre-pregnancy pants for weeks now, and I'm starting to grow out of some of my favorite tops. The top pictured is not maternity though. yay!

Sleep: It seems I have an okay night's rest about every other day. Better than nothing!
Milestones: We went on what many in the world of expecting parents call a "baby moon": a little getaway with the spouse before baby arrives. I hope we get a chance to do it once more in the next 5 months. It was so relaxing!
Best Moment: time alone with Ben while we house sat and the GORGEOUS weather we had this last weekend. We were so busy I almost forgot that I'm sick + pregnant!
Worst Moment: waking with a tension headache last Tuesday morning. I went to the doctor today and have another sinus infection. joy...

Food cravings: more sweets than before, but still mostly savory foods. Pita bread with cream cheese + roast beef, fettucini alfredo, soups. 
Food aversions: fried or spicy foods, wheat bread.
Symptoms: heart burn is back but not too bad, yet. Sciatica- I'm waiting on a chiropractic referral to help relieve it. I thought it was too early to be sciatic pain by my OB assured me that with each pregnancy the weight is carried lower, which causes that pain. I can feel my hips out of alignment, I can't wait to get an adjustment!

Movement: I feel baby between once + a few times a day, sometimes every other day. 
Gender: hopefully we'll know soon!
What I’m looking forward to: obviously our ultrasound in 2 weeks! I'm also already looking forward to my baby shower, mostly getting together with friends + family, the pretty location, and the awesome food!
What I’m nervous about/praying for: health + wellness for all of us. This pregnancy has been very boring so far which I'm very thankful for because the rest of the life has been non-stop sickness drama!

What I miss: not dealing with heartburn or gagging when I make lunch for my kids. 
Next appointment: April 10th for the ultrasound. 
Weekly Wisdom: These words came at the perfect time for me, from the Facebook page of our pediatrician: 
Real life isn't perfect, and it's not supposed to be. Parents aren't perfect. Kids aren't perfect. Some days as a family are really tough. And that's okay. For today, accept yourself, your kids and your circumstances as they are. Hug each other and share a laugh. Perfection isn't reality. Measuring yourselves against that yardstick will only make you feel bad. Life's too short and precious for that!


  1. I love that quote! I want to share it on FB but who would I attribute it back to?


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