Thursday, February 27, 2014

13 weeks, pregnancy #3

With Malakai + Desmond I posted little surveys detailing what was going on in my pregnancy each week. I know I won't be posting them weekly, and they're more for me to look back on than to entertain all of you, so feel free to scroll past these if you aren't interested. This blog o' mine definitely takes the place of scrap book and even a baby book for us.

{normally there would be an updated bump photo here, but let's be honest...we're on the 3rd baby so we don't have much time for that 'round here. Plus, I pretty much look the same as I did two weeks ago...}

How far along:  13 weeks

How big is baby: approximately the size of a peach, 2.9 inches, .81 ounces
What have you been up to: I started to resume some normal activities after the months of sickness, myself and kiddos...and then I got sick again! I feel better today but not 100%
Maternity clothes:  I can button my stretchier pants, but they are too uncomfortable so yep- maternity pants for sure! I can still wear most of my regular tops if they're on the longer side. 
Sleep: I've been taking half a unisom at bedtime for the past few weeks to ease my morning sickness so I sleep pretty soundly. I do still try to take a little nap in the afternoons if I can so I'm not completely useless in the evenings. My poor husband on the other hand has barely been sleeping with sick kiddos. We go to the doctor AGAIN tomorrow for ear checks. 
Milestones: I'm now in the 2nd trimester. This pregnancy is going by so fast!
Best Moment:  Having enough energy to make dinner and get some cleaning done. I felt useful for the first time in 2 months!
Worst Moment: coming down with a fever yesterday. 
Food cravings: savory snacks. kettle chips, snap pea crips. The other night I had vanilla ice cream with Kettle chips on top...that's been the oddest combination I've craved out of all my pregnancies. 
Food aversions: anything spicy, fried, or acidic. I think it's mostly due to my heartburn. 
Symptoms: heartburn/acid reflux (that I've finally got under control with some prevacid), nausea if I don't eat frequently, headaches and exhaustion. At this point it's difficult to pinpoint sickness symptoms and pregnancy symptoms. I've had some back and round ligament pain from my growing belly. 
Movement: I first felt this baby move at 11 weeks! I felt the strongest movement a few days ago, it's such a joy!
Gender: we'll find out April 10th! Just 6 weeks away!
What I’m looking forward to: Having more energy and being healthy. Hopefully this comes with the onset of spring, which is pretty slow here. 
What I’m nervous about/praying for: I've just been praying for health in our whole family. We've not had a break for coming up on 9 weeks and it's taken a big toll on just about all areas of our lives. 
What I miss: Being able to cook without feeling sick.
Next appointment: mid March for my 16 week check up. 
Weekly Wisdom: Cut yourself some slack. Being sick and growing a human is hard enough as it is without stressing too much about it. 

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