Tuesday, January 28, 2014

What we've been up to...

I have several specific posts in the works, but of course we get slammed with the hefty cold that is going around so they are still in the works. We all got sick in rotation to maximize it's effects on our household. I finally left the house today after over a week of laying around feeling miserable. I still feel miserable, but the kids are on the mend so I took advantage and got us out!

It started three weeks ago, Malakai started acting out and become a bit unruly. I took him in to get his ears checked after he casually mentioned some pain. He had some swelling and fluid but no redness or other signs of infection. A few days later he was still in pain so we went back and he had double ear infections. Then a couple weekends ago Des wasn't acting himself and threw up at the dinner table…with all my in-laws present. What a joy that was, poor kiddo. He didn't vomit anymore but was acting sick and sad for a few days. Malakai subsequently got sick from his antibiotics (even while taking probiotics) so we had to go in for a 3rd time and they switched the prescription. 

Right on cue, as they started to get a bit better Ben + I came down with a hacking cough. It started off as just irritating but mine took on a whole life of it's own. I've not had a cold this bad in many years. Then last week Des woke up from a nap at Grandma's with a fever, that night he woke with a barky cough and stridor. Thankfully we had a refill left on his prescription from last time he had croup so we picked that up over the weekend and he started to feel better. Now he and I have that lingering cough. He only coughs a few times a day, I cough every time I try to talk and then some. 

So, what else have we been up to? Watching entirely too much television, snuggled up on the couch, drinking plenty of water and napping. Thrilling stuff, I know. I'm hoping we can be done with sickness for the rest of the winter and move on with life!

Coming up, I have posts on Homeschool Preschool, cloth diapering, and features and giveaways. Some of you may have seen my posts on Instagram + Facebook, but if you missed it we have a very exciting giveaway coming up from Freshly Picked, who just appeared on Shark Tank this past Friday! I can't wait! 

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