Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Our Christmas Card

Saturday, December 21, 2013

and the winner is...

Amy V!

Amy has been emailed and has 48 hours to respond to claim her prize of a set of Christmas "Beau" Ties from Bear & Fox Designs

Thank you to everyone who participated! While it's too late to order for Christmas delivery, be sure to check out Bear & Fox Designs on Etsy to order something fun for the little people in your life, or yourself! If you like their Facebook page you can keep an eye out for special deals all year long. 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Bear & Fox Designs: feature, review, + GIVEAWAY

I met Rianna of Bear & Fox Designs through her sister-in-law, Aimee of our last feature Crowned with Beauty. I got to know her better on a girl's weekend last month and now I get to introduce you all to her and her craft talents...

Where are you located + are you from there originally? 
We are located in the little town of Rogue River Oregon.  My husband and I are both from Southern Oregon and would love to stay in the area.

How did you come up with your shop name
The store was created for my two little boys, Ezekiel and Elias.  Zeke has always been our careful and observant bear, and Eli is our feisty fox.  We wanted a name that could grow with our designs, and our family.

How long have you had your shop?
We officially opened in November of 2012.  It has been a crazy, and amazing journey this past year.  We have grown the store and had amazing support from friends and family. 

What inspires you? 
Our inspiration is based on our lifestyle currently.  Eco friendly and budget friendly.  We strive to make things from re-purposed or eco materials.  I love designing things for boys, because basically there is not much offered out there.  I truly enjoy dressing my little men, and allowing them to have trendy fashions.  I want to be the kind of mom who allows them to be whoever they want, and inspire them to try new things, including new styles.

What is your favorite item in your shop?
 I think the boys Suspender/ Bow tie sets are my favorite product right now.  There are so many different styles and patterns to choose from.  They are super versatile , and I have really enjoyed designing them.

Do you have any other jobs or hobbies?  
I am a stay at home mommy and love my job!  I love the outdoors and anything that reminds me of the outdoors. Camping has been a great activity for my family for the past few years.  I love going on long runs with the stroller, and taking the boys to the park.  I also enjoy finding nasty old things and turning them into treasures.

Share an interesting fact about yourself
I am a true hippie at heart.
I would love to live in a cabin off the grid if i could, and live off the land.  One day i hope to live in the woods, with some little chickens and a lavender field.  I have also secretly always 
wanted to have dreadlocks (its always been my little secret) :)

What do you hope your future holds?
I hope that our business grows and allows my husband to work fully on the business from home.  I am thankful everyday that Bear and Fox Designs has provided for my family, and i pray that it continues to grow.  It has been the biggest blessing for my family, for my sweet little boys. 


Shandell's Review

Rianna sent a set of festive "Beau Ties" for my boys. I made her no promises that I would be able to get either to try them out, but I was pleasantly surprised. They were easy to get on and Desmond barely noticed his. Kai on the other hand is very picky about clothing, but he even tried one on for long enough to get a few photos. 

{dapper Des}

I loved that I could easily clip one to Malakai's T-shirt (pajama's no less) to snap a few funny photos of his forced smile and everlasting bed head. Somehow he still looked dressed up thanks to the red tie. Later he told me the green is his favorite, I'm holding on to hope that he might even wear it for Christmas, if just for a few more photos. 

Desmond and I had fun trying out a couple and taking photos. He didn't try to pull it off once. These little ties are just the right size for little guys. Something bigger or stiffer would likely poke and annoy. These didn't touch his face or neck at all, I didn't even have to button his shirt up all the way to put it on. A bow tie we have that went with an outfit we bought a while back fell off frequently, in these Desmond climbed and jumped and played as normal with no problems. 

Later Kai wanted in on the fun and I snapped this hilarious picture. The bow tie really makes each photo so much cuter. I am confident Desmond will be wearing these ties to our holiday gatherings this year. 

These are really well-made little accessories and I love the fun variety of fabrics that she offers them in, solids and patterns for every style. Such a simple and classic item. 

I'd highly recommend grabbing a set of these for the little boys in your life. They'd make a great Christmas gift! Order by Thursday, December 19th to ensure delivery by Christmas!  Currently $8 for one or buy the Christmas sets on sale for just $18!


Now for everyone's favorite part, a chance to win an adorable set of Beau Ties from Bear and Fox Designs

Des is excited for you!

Rianna is offering one reader of Breaking New Ground a set of Christmas Beau Ties, and $18 value. 

(do forgive me for not posting this in time for Christmas, the holidays have kept me busy and I've had some technical difficulties to boot, but trust me, you'll want your little man to wear these all year long!)

See the Rafflecopter form below to enter (if it's not showing, refresh the page)

>>>PLEASE be sure that you read the entry requirements carefully and complete all tasks before entering or your entries will be deleted. If you do not complete the 1st required entry, all entries will be void<<<

This giveaway begins on Tuesday December 17, 2013 will end by Friday December 20th, 2013 12:00am PT. Contest open to US residents only. 
A winner will be chosen at random by Rafflecopter, the winner will be announced by blog post here and notified by email. Winner will have 48 hours to reply to email or an alternate will be chosen.

Disclosure: I received a 3 pack of Beau Ties for the purpose of review, no other compensation was provided for this review. All opinions are my own.This is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.  Click for additional disclosures and PR policies.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

snow + ice

Now that it has all melted, I'll commemorate the "arctic blast" of 2013. Let me preface for my readers that aren't so familiar with the Pacific Northwest, we don't get a lot of snow in the valley. In Eugene, Oregon we're only an hour away from the snowy mountains and that's where we go to experience large amounts of snow. Our usual winter is very wet and when we get snow it is still very wet and usually February or even March. Imagine our surprise when we were having temperatures in the teens and then woke up to a few inches of snow last Friday, dry + powdery made-for-tv type snow. Instead of melting by 10am, it just kept snowing. It snowed at our house nonstop for over 12 hours. It was glorious!

It was a blast to play in. If you follow Ben or myself on Instagram or Facebook you might have seen some slow motion videos Ben captured that day. If not, they're work a look!

We had a cozy morning watching the snow drift down like a fairytale while Ben made waffles (yes, I'm  a blessed wife) and sipped our hot coffees and snuggled the boys close. Desmond loved watching it come down, Kai was surprised but asked to go back to bed after we showed him it had snowed. Not the reaction we were expecting, but he warmed up quickly.

Just before lunch we ventured outside to play. It was about 17 degrees out, getting the boys layered took just about forever for about 15 minutes of play time. It was worth it though. 

Later that afternoon we bundled up again and decided to take a walk down to the park. It has snowed so much more that we sank into snow and didn't touch the ground, which was so surreal in our own neighborhood. 

Des in the snow around 11am, and again around 4pm…quite a bit deeper!

I laughed as I watched kids running down the street with snowboards, a total first for me. There is a big hill at the park so they were taking advantage. 

Ben + Des headed straight for the teeter totters and then all 3 of them tried out swinging in the snow. We were only there for about 5 minutes because it had taken so long to get there in the cold, it was getting dark, and a bunch of cold wind was blowing. We trekked home for hot cocoa and dinner.

The next day it was no longer snowing but the temperatures had fallen below 0 so everything stayed pretty well preserved. We went out to the park again, taking the wagon this time. 


It was interesting to see the difference between the night before and that morning. I took this shot of the same area of field next to the park…

My little dare-devils tried to play on the slide and climb the icy equipment until we distracted them with the deep snow and attempting to build a snowman. At one point Desmond started crawling around in the snow and laughing hysterically

The snow was too powdery to build a snowman at that point, which was just fine as the boys got cold enough to come in fairly quickly. In fact, I began to suspect that they just wanted to play outside so they could have hot cocoa when they came back in. 

We spent most of Sunday inside, but Ben + Kai played out front together during Desmond's nap. Kai had a blast throwing the snow at a tree and watching it stick. He also helped daddy shovel the snow from the side walk. 

Tuesday I made an attempt to take the boys in the snow on my own. Yep, it was still here. It was like it had snowed the day before, not 3 days ago. We just kept getting freezing weather that preserved it. It took 45 minutes for me to get them and myself suited up for the 20 degree chill. We kicked around out back and then attempted a snowman, but Des kicked it down. We tried again, but he was more of a snow-mound. It's hard to pack powdery snow. Kai gave him a big eye that looked like a patch so we decided he was a pirate. Then we went in of cocoa, naturally. 

The rest of the week we just observed the snow from inside. Enjoying it's bright glow and watching the birds eat the berries off the trees out back. Last night it "warmed" up and the rain finally came, turning the snow into quite the ugly mess outside. It's incredible how quickly snow disappears when it rains. 

We thoroughly enjoyed our winter wonderland, thanks Alaska, for sharing your weather. 

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