Friday, November 22, 2013

'tis the season...

I've said or typed that phrase several times already this year. You may think I'm about to complain about the early Christmas decor, I'm not. Around here, 'tis the season for colds, croup, and earaches. 

My boys started with every mild symptoms that lingered on a couple weeks ago, I thought it was just a slight cold or the change in weather. Kai had a dry cough that was only at night and didn't keep him up at all. Desmond had no symptoms at all for a long while, and then just an occasional runny nose. 

Earlier this week Kai's cough became barky and persistent. Des was still fine, until a couple days later he woke at 3am barking like a seal and his breathing was raspy. Kai coughed so hard twice that he threw up. Desmond's stridor got worse the next day after his nap and we took him in. His lungs were clear but he was diagnosed with croup. We picked up a prescription steroid tablet and he gobbled it up in a spoonful of applesauce that night. His breathing was better that night, but his cough still kept him up. We filled the house with humidifiers and vaporizers and I rubbed Des in peppermint oil mixed in coconut oil. 

Kai started napping daily, on his own just putting himself to sleep and then still going to bed at a decent hour. It was obvious he was fighting something off, he hasn't napped that often for well over a year. 

Last night Malakai woke up yelling "no, no, ouch, ouch, ouch!". We thought he was dreaming and talking in his sleep as he occasionally does, but he said his ear hurt. Homeopathic drops, a hot pack and distractions weren't working, he just wouldn't sleep. He kept saying "I just want the pain to go out!" He and I were up from 11:30-3am. He finally fell asleep in his cot next to our bed after we gave him a small LED flashlight to distract him. By the grace of God I remained calm and reassuring. That, and I remember chronic ear infections as a child and how terribly painful they were. I think remember childhood is something that makes me a better parent on the regular. 

So Kai woke up at 6am this morning totally chipper, obviously excited to be in our room. I asked about his ear and he said it felt good. I called our Dr. and was surprised that even though we'd been in this week already they would have to schedule a full appointment to see him, I was hoping for a quick ear check. I decided against it since he felt better and the nurse said it was likely just fluid build up that had eventually run it's course. I'm so thankful and really prayerful that he won't develop an ear infection. With high deductible insurance it's not at all affordable to go in for sick visits. 

Many of my friends, especially those with small children are all in the same boat. Our pediatrician posted on Facebook about croup being really common right now, some of our good friends have an 11 month old with croup which is so scary to me! So, like I said, 'tis the season…for sickness. 

Stay well everyone, and have a warm + happy weekend. 

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