Monday, October 7, 2013

blog changes...I need your help!

It has been a long time since I've posted regularly, really ever since Desmond was born. Two little kids is a pretty time consuming adjustment. Then they go through so many different stages both as individuals and in their relationship as siblings that it's a wonder I can keep up at all! Sometimes I can't!

I've been brainstorming some changes for a few months, but even those are mostly just stirring around in my head. I'm hoping to carve out some time to implement some soon, and to get posting here more often. I've already got a great new handmade shop feature in the works, that I'm VERY excited about and a few others that I hope to come up after that.

I'm not changing the blog name, but I'm definitely going to update the look around here as soon as I can decide on what I like best and what most fits with how I want to use this space now and in the future.

The biggest change I'm considering is my url. I've never loved the .us web address but I don't know if I'd mess too many people up and lose some readers if I change it. A .com is easier to pass along to people without explaining, .us never became mainstream as we had thought it might. I'm considering the following replacements, or simply but I'm also taking suggestions and let me know if you prefer either of those two. I know the first is sort of long, but once you get it into your browser or reader once, you shouldn't have to worry about typing all that out again, so maybe length isn't a problem? Let's take a "vote", because I truly want your opinions!

Thanks for your input!

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