Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Gymnastics Class!

This morning Kai had his very first gymnastics class. I snagged a groupon a few months back and knew it would come in handy when the weather started to cool down and my rowdy little boy would need a physical outlet. As I sat Kai down for the 10th time this morning to try to explain why he can't crush his baby brother, I was so thankful for the foresight I had in scheduling this little class for him.

A good friend came over to watch Desmond and away Malakai and I went. I hadn't told him about the class until today and he was already excited when I explained some of the things he'd get to do. He was especially looking forward to "jumping way up high!". I prepared him for having to let other kids take turns and that he'd have to listen to his teacher.

When we got there, I signed a few releases while his teacher introduced himself and asked Malakai his name and age. He answered proudly, "Kai...THREE!" (with his 3 fingers held high). Then we sat to wait for the class to start. He was really anxious to get out onto the mats, but waited rather patiently all the same.

At 11am he and just ONE other child, a 3 year old girl, followed the 2 teachers out to the mats. He listened attentively, followed directions, and learned quickly. I knew he was capable of all of these great things, but some days (most days) he doesn't perform them so perfectly for me at home. I was smiling the entire time, and so was he.

The little girl's mother, who had been bringing her daughter there for a year, was really impressed with Kai's abilities. Of course I was really proud to hear that. What a fun morning to watch my little sprout go off "by himself", take a class and excel.

It was so nice to have his first time be on a slow day, Kai could "ease" into it. Although, I'm not sure he really needed to.

{high five the big hand!}


He was so well worn out at the end he immediately asked for a PBJ. We talked about coming again soon and he got really excited. I can't wait for Ben to come and watch our kiddo shine!

Monday, September 17, 2012

today at the park...

...this cuteness happened-

and there was a LOT of giggling.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Malakai's 1st Eye Exam

The more time passes and the more behind I get on posting certain events, the more reluctant I am to post current events...which means I get even further behind. SO at the risk of things being all out of order (ugh), I'm posting about something that happened TODAY. I haven't done this in forever, I think I might like it.

This morning Malakai and I dropped Desmond off with Grandma Debbie and headed to the eye doctor. I talked it up all morning, practiced a few things, and reminded him of the episode on Sesame Street when the little girl goes to the eye doctor. He was actually kind of excited about the whole thing by the time we got there.

He greeted the receptionist and was thrilled that they had toys. He even picked them up without being asked well before we were called back. I was wondering if I somehow had the wrong child with me.

Ben met us there, and they started with a few preliminary tests. This included the dreaded "air puff". Ben and I both have issues with this one. He cannot keep his eyes open to save his life and I will flinch without fail. I know it's coming but I have an uncontrollable reaction, it's terrible because the HAVE to continue doing it. Malakai got through the 1st eye with one try. The 2nd was a bit more challenging because he knew what was coming, but he did well. Afterward though he told the assistant "Don't do that again, it hurt my eye." I love his growing vocabulary and ability to express himself.

He did so well through all three of the 1st tests that I got a little emotional sitting there, realizing he's growing up. I'm going to be a puddle on the floor in 2 years when he goes off to Kindergarten. Somebody hold me.

Then we walked down the hall for a few other tests, just looking at cards with shapes and such to see what he could point out as they got smaller. He's not even a little bit colorblind and was happy to show off his knowledge of shapes. He refused to wear an eye patch or funny glasses though, even with the mention of "Jake and the Pirates".

Next Dr. M came in for a more in-depth exam and we could tell why were were having to pay big bucks (thank God for HSA) to be there. She was an expert at working with preschoolers and instead of pushing Kai to wear a patch or one sided glasses she let daddy cover one eye and then the other to get the same result.

We learned that at this age, all children are far sighted. Also, Malakai is slightly less far sighted than his peers, which isn't a problem. He does have astigmatism on one side and one eye performs slightly different from the other, but neither indicate a need for correction or vision therapy. Ben + I breathed a sigh of relief as Ben had to undergo pretty intense vision therapy at a young age and still wears a contact in one eye.

Afterwards Kai was pretty stoked that he got to come to work with me. He tore my office apart a couple times, but put it all back together by himself. He followed me around as I prepped the classes for Sunday. We had a blast together and I think I may take him to work with me more often if he so chooses. However, I think he enjoys his trips to Grandma's even more than hanging out with me on the job.

Somehow I was thinking today would be a lot more difficult, and am so thankful for how pleasant it turned out.

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