Thursday, August 23, 2012

Malakai is 3- a photo explosion...Part 1

On July 16th our 1st born turned three. I have no idea how that much time has passed since my sweet baby boy was born...but there you have it.

The Saturday before, we threw a construction themed party at my parents' place. There was swimming,  sand, toys, and treats. I had tirelessly prepared all the decor by hand the week before, but ordered a cake at Costco with just writing on it and just as the party started I decorated it with toys. I think it turned out rather well- the cake, and the party!

{crushed cocoa puffs make for great "dirt"}

{lots of construction gear}

{he was a pro at opening his gifts, a big change from last year!}

He played in sand, refused to swim, sprayed everyone with his new sprinkler toy, and finally decided to wear his hat after the party was over and it was time for bed. It was such a fun party, surrounded by friends and family. Big thanks to my parents for hosting, and everyone else for blessing us with gifts and love!

Part 2 of this post will be how we spent his actual birthday.

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