Monday, August 6, 2012

July: "Touch-A-Truck"

Yes, I'm still catching up on July events...this one was on July 11th. We found out the night before at a small group barbecue that there was an event called "Touch-A-Truck"that would be free to the community. Trucks from all over the city are cleaned up and available for kids to sit in, "drive" and touch.  I'd heard of it once before but we missed it so I was excited to round the boys up and go. It was right in time to get Kai about his upcoming construction themed birthday party. Unfortunately it was our first hot summer day and it took place on an asphalt parking lot, it was so uncomfortable and we didn't stay long.

While we were there Malakai saw an ambulance and fire truck, then sat in a tractor...
We tried to get him in the bucket with Des, but he wasn't interested. It's actually a miracle I got a photo of him sitting in the tire with how quickly he hopped out.

Once we showed him a couple big trucks that he could honk the horn on, he got pretty excited. He did great waiting in line despite the heat and was really in awe over being able to get up close to the big rigs.

I think his favorite was the garbage truck, since it's something he sees every day but never gets to interact with. For all you local families, I THINK they do this again in the fall, but I can't be sure. I like to keep up with local events like this through a fun website called Go Mom, Go

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