Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Desmond: 9 months {8 days late}

July is one of the busiest months of the year for us. With the Independence day holiday (when we usually go camping but didn't this year), our wedding anniversary on the 7th (I'll try to post about how we celebrated), Malakai's birthday on the 16th, and it being one of the best months for weather where we live, we always have a full schedule. Needless to say, I am quite late on Desmond's 9 month post. I honestly couldn't even tell you if I did one for 8 months, but I think I'll save the next one for 12 months.

This child is doing everything entirely too fast. He took his first step last week and is constantly toying with standing on his own. He hasn't taken any more steps yet, but he loves to walk while holding someone's hands or pushing toys around the house.

{Malakai - April 2010. Desmond- July 2012}

A few days ago he decided to start climbing onto the bench of Malakai's little picnic table. Not cool with mama. It's now outside. His strength has earned him the nickname "Baby Hercules". When he gets grouchy or wants out of his seat he grunts and I like to call him "Baby Hulk".

He's also doing a lot of talking these days and a difference I noticed between he and Kai at this age is that he is already using the hard "g" and "k" sounds. He says "mama" and  "dada"very clearly and can mimic just about any other sound or word you throw at him, but doesn't have any other often used words.

He is an eating machine and recently graduated to cheerios in the finger-food category. He's teething like crazy with 4 big ones and more on the way. This has been an issue when it comes to sleep. He slept through the night twice in a row for a 7-8 hour stretch and it felt like heave. Before that he was doing some pretty nice 4-6 hour stretches, but then those teeth decided to interrupt our nights again and we haven't recouped yet.

Even still, Desmond is a very happy baby. He's quick to return a smile and laughs often. Nobody can make him laugh quite like his big brother Malakai. Seeing them play together and make each other laugh is one of the greatest joys I've experiences in life thus far. I love my boys and am so blessed to be their mama.

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  1. It's fun to see the side-by-side pics! Wow, sure makes you wonder if little brother will be taller than big brother! I love Desmond's smiley personality. :)


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