Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Kai's first prayer

For a long time now Ben + I have been saying prayers with Malakai just before bed. Lately it has consisted of myself or Ben saying a simple prayer and if Kai was in the mood he'd repeat it line by line. Sometimes he'd just say amen at the end, other times he's just not in the mood to say anything at all.

Tonight I went to say a quick prayer with him as Desmond was crying for me in the next room (Ben was trying to soothe him but he wanted me). I started with "Dear God" and when I paused to see if Kai was going to repeat it he whispered,  "Thank you for my Jesus". My voice caught in my throat, I was obviously flooded with emotion. I affirmed what he said and asked "what else?" and he said "and God made everything." I told him "that's right!" and we said amen and I scooted out of the room to Desmond.

What a sweet little surprise to hear Kai say his first independent prayer.

"Thank you for my Jesus. 
God made everything.

By the way, "God made everything" is the bottom line in the Sunday school curriculum we're teaching age 2-5's. I'm just thrilled that Kai is really picking up on what he's being taught and that what we teach him at home is sticking too.


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