Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Indoor fun

Oregon summer weather is always a toss up. We've had a lot of wet and overcast days lately, but I don't mind it much.

Today I decided to sort through some pins and actually try a new activity with Kai. Lately we've been coloring with crayons or the aqua doodle, doing puzzles, building towers, and watching an undisclosed amount of PBS Kids.

I remembered some things I pinned for homemade finger paints and homemade cloud dough. I gave Kai a choice and he wanted to make dough. The recipe I had called for 8 cups flour and 1 cup baby oil. We did NOT need that much, so we made it with 2 cups flour and 1/4 cup baby oil. I just love it when I can make something fun with things I already have on hand.

I found a wire whisk to be the best tool for mixing all the lumps out and distributing the oil evenly through the flour. Kai helped mix and we tried not to worry about the mess (Des was napping so he wasn't around to crawl through it). It took 2 minutes to make and now Kai is busy making "castles" in his big bowl of "cloud dough".

What pinterest successes have you had lately? I have had quite a few fails recently so I was pretty happy that this actually worked.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Kai's first prayer

For a long time now Ben + I have been saying prayers with Malakai just before bed. Lately it has consisted of myself or Ben saying a simple prayer and if Kai was in the mood he'd repeat it line by line. Sometimes he'd just say amen at the end, other times he's just not in the mood to say anything at all.

Tonight I went to say a quick prayer with him as Desmond was crying for me in the next room (Ben was trying to soothe him but he wanted me). I started with "Dear God" and when I paused to see if Kai was going to repeat it he whispered,  "Thank you for my Jesus". My voice caught in my throat, I was obviously flooded with emotion. I affirmed what he said and asked "what else?" and he said "and God made everything." I told him "that's right!" and we said amen and I scooted out of the room to Desmond.

What a sweet little surprise to hear Kai say his first independent prayer.

"Thank you for my Jesus. 
God made everything.

By the way, "God made everything" is the bottom line in the Sunday school curriculum we're teaching age 2-5's. I'm just thrilled that Kai is really picking up on what he's being taught and that what we teach him at home is sticking too.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thankful on a Thursday

1071. Finally sitting down after a full day spent on the go.

1072. New and deepening friendships.

1073. Old and lasting friendships.

1074. Watching Kai love on Des.

1075. Watching Des follow Kai wherever he goes.

1076. Hearing Desmond say "Mama" constantly.

1077. a husband to partner with in our parenting journey.

1078. The hope I have in Jesus; without which I would truly be lost.

1079. A job (besides parenting) that challenges me and fosters growth in a number of ways.

1080. The power of prayer.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Malakai has this obnoxious habit of "shushing" people. I think it has a lot to do with testing boundaries and how his actions affect others. Of course he learned it from us when we ask him to be quiet when Des is asleep, but the way he does it is much more abrupt and comes across as rude. It's not our favorite...

That being said, if I hadn't captured him shushing me the other day, I wouldn't have had this striking comparison...

{click photo for larger version}

I just happened to be going through baby photos of Kai when he was 8 months (Desmond's current age) to compare him with his brother, but when I saw this funny picture I immediately thought of the one I took the other day. It's amazing to me that he used to be that baby...

Monday, June 11, 2012

8 months: Desmond

I need to hurry and get this post out before Desmond turns 9 months...or a year. I swear I was just posting his 7 month update a few days ago.

In the last month Desmond has mastered crawling, he gets so fast, especially when he has his eye on something. He starts grunting or saying "yeah yeah yeah", which is one of his newest "words". He also has started saying something that resembles "hi".

He loves to wave his arms up and down when he gets excited or is testing the sound of an object banging into another. Everything and I mean EVERYTHING he snatches goes immediately into his mouth. He has two bottom teeth that came in simultaneously. His top left is about to poke through as well. In fact it gave us quite the scare this evening when it started to gush blood. We've never had anything like that happen but the nurse on the phone acted as if it was a normal occurrence. (any other parents out there have this happen?)

Just over a week ago he pulled himself up to standing in his crib for the first time and every since he has been obsessed with pulling himself up and has already started cruising, making his way across the front of the couch. This kiddo is so ready to chase his brother down!

Now that he's so mobile he doesn't want much to do with being held, playing in his jumper, or being carried in the Ergo for very long. He gets antsy to move on his own. He even likes being put down in the grass to crawl (Kai refused to let grass touch his skin, especially when he was learning to walk).

Desmond is super friendly, quick to return a smile from just about anyone. He has taken to occasionally feigning shyness by smirking and burying his head in my neck or shoulder when approached by someone. He is super ticklish and loved to be bounced or danced with.

He has become quite the chatter box and will babble to himself endlessly. When Kai is around he's all ears. He loves to watch and listen to his brother. Malakai is better as soothing him when he gets grumpy in the car than either myself or Ben. Kai will quickly say "it's okay Desmond, it's okay, it's okay, it's okay" and Des will smile or relax and usually remain calm.

He has loved trying new foods but still prefers to nurse. So far he's eaten oatmeal, banana, avocado, mango, and butternut squash. We've been slow on introducing new foods because of how busy our schedule has been lately, but he doesn't seem to mind. Next on the menu will be yogurt.

Des is obviously a big boy for his age. Apparently Ben + I have average sized newborns that grow at an incredible rate. Kai has slowed down and is normal for his age, so we're assuming his baby brother will do the same. We're just glad they're healthy and happy.

I love watching you learn, grow, and laugh little Des.

Friday, June 8, 2012

We still exist...

...but you might miss us if you blink.

Catch a few quick snippets of what we've been up to over at the photo blog for now, I'll be back soon with some updates and lots more pictures.

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