Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

This Mother's Day I somehow got spoiled enough to be celebrated for the entire weekend. Friday night we went out to eat at Red Lobster with Ben's parents which was more to celebrate our finalized refinances, but we did Mother's Day gifts as well.

We gave Grandma Debbie a card colored by Malakai + a gift card to a local garden supply so she could pick out some flowers, veggie starts, or hanging baskets. Debbie gave me a potholder that she had decorated with the boys. I have one from two years ago with Kai's hands and this year I got foot prints from both boys.

After dinner the boys took some time to marvel at the lobsters, or "monsters".

On Saturday Ben made me waffles and gave me a map of what we'd be doing that day to celebrate Mother's Day.

First we went to the church for a Mother's Craft day for mom's to bring their kiddos and create crafts together. It was a ton of fun! Malakai and I did a few crafts while Des got passed around. Then Kai got a bit antsy so Ben (who was there serving treats to all the moms and kids) took him outside to play and I got some time to just make something on my own, which NEVER happens at home so it was really enjoyable.

Afterwards we headed to lunch and sat outside, which is one of my favorite things about summer time. It was a beautiful 80 degree day (quite rare for these parts if you aren't familiar). Next we headed home for nap time.

Lastly Ben thought we could go out to eat and then to the park by our old house, we compromised and packed a picnic dinner to take with us to the park. That way Kai wouldn't have to try to sit still for the 3rd time that day and we wouldn't be spending extra money. It was a lot of fun to see how the neighborhood has changed and play in the sun.

On our way home we picked up some ice cream for after the kids went to bed and then we went to bed early!

Sunday morning I headed for work (church) and while I was there Ben called me on facetime and showed me pictures online of my present from him...

he made me two trellises for my sugar snap peas! This was something I had saved on Pinterest and he and I had even discussed making at some point. He made them while at work and is finishing them up. I am so excited!

After church (work) we headed home and ate leftovers for lunch and watched a few shows while the boys napped. Once they woke up we headed out to G'Pa + Mima's to celebrate Mother's Day with them. On the way there Ben gave me my last gift that he and the boys had made together...

Something I had also pinned! Apparently I made Mother's Day gift ideas easy on them without even trying. I love it and it's in the frame that I got for my first first Mother's Day. (Speaking of, I just came across this surprise post that Ben wrote last year, I'm one blessed gal!).

Once we got to my parents' place we enjoyed the first swim of the year (the pool was FREEZING though) and ate dinner. We also gave my mom a card colored by Kai and a gift card to a garden supply place as well.

I enjoyed a restful weekend surrounded by loved ones. I'm so blessed to be loved so well by my husband and children.

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