Thursday, April 19, 2012


1021. a garage that (usually) fits our car. It's cramped but it keeps us out of the rain. Although, right now, it's undergoing some spring the car is in the driveway.

1022. borrowing cars. We are borrowing my in-laws car again- because our 2nd car is having some issues. I won't pretend to understand them enough to explain...hopefully it'll be back in use soon!

1023. nap time. Today was rough, but I realize that most days I have it pretty good since at least part of Desmond + Malakai's naps overlap.

1024. support. We have such a wealth of support in our family, church family, and friends.

1025. my smartphone. It seems silly but it makes a lot of things convenient for keeping work and home life organized.

1026. snuggles from my boys.

1027. PBS kids. Kai can't get enough of Curious George, which has been essential on occasion.

1028. a husband who is willing to share the load when it comes to getting up in the night.

1029. when the house is quiet.

1030. patience as an answer to prayer.

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