Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thankful on a Thursday: Time.

Thursdays sneak up on me most of the time. It's funny because I'm guessing for most people that it's Monday that is sneaky. I always work Thursday mornings and we always seem to have plans on Thursday nights so they're rather busy. Like right now it's almost 11pm and I had to think about what day it was...already Thursday again!!!

We've got a LOT going on, and I keep waiting for it to slow down even though I know it's not going to. Busy is becoming our new normal for a lot of reasons and that's ok. We are doing the most important things as best we can: serving God,spending time with our families, loving and caring for our boys and each other without restraint. If the busyness were to get in the way of those things- then we'd have a problem.

So despite my feeling like last Thursday was really just yesterday, here's another list of what I'm thankful for.

1011. the flowers outside finally getting some warm weather to keep them alive (the ones that survived the snow last month anyway)

1012. Kai's growing ability to communicate. He is such a talker and learning more and more how to tell me what he wants or needs without tantrums over miscommunications.

1013. Desmond's speedy developement. Within the last two weeks he has mastered a number of new skills.

1014. My sister letting me borrow Hunger Games. It was such a nice little break from reality and it's such a good read. I just finished it today and Ben currently has his nose buried in it.

1015. Easter candy. I'm also really not thankful for this at's a daily conflict really.

1016. starting to feel more caught up at work.

1017. Everyone being healthy in our household for the time being.

1018. Kai's independence outdoors.

1019. Desmond's sweet little voice as he starts to babble more and more.

1020. a clean house.

Soon I'll find some time to post Desmond's monthly update!

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