Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thankful on a Thursday

Here we go again, another sickness making its way through our house. Thankfully Kai has stopped coughing and my sore throat isn't getting worse, just lingering. Little Des is teething like crazy which means nobody is getting a full night's sleep around here. I'm really hoping for some relief for him and rest for all.

Yes, once again I'm blogging about sleep...or the lack of. Yet this week I'm thankful for...

991. Malakai beginning to sleep better, although he did skip nap today.

992. a fairly short lived cold (hopefully).

993. an actual date with my husband to look forward to.

994. a productive work week and seeing the fruits of my labor.

995. Des' check up going well today.

996. Finishing our tax returns.

997. being able to tag-team bed time + night wakings.

998. the help of my patient husband, he takes the best care of us.

999. quiet times with Ben in the evenings when the littles are finally asleep.

1000. grace amazing.

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