Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Kai's Quotes + Anecdotes

I've been keeping track of the things Malakai says and does on a piece of paper on the fridge, we've compiled nearly two pages over the past few months. We obviously don't get it all on there, but when we remember we jot them down so we can look back on them.

Just this past week he's had a couple sweet and funny moments that I wanted to share.

Over the weekend we were riding to Grandma + Grandpa Pottorf's house when Kai saw the moon.

Kai (shouting): "The MOON!"
Ben: "Good job, that's the moon."
Kai: "I blow on it!" proceeds to blow at the window.
        "I missed it!"
Ben + I: "try again"
Kai: more blowing. "I got it!"

Last night before bed I prayed with him. I finished with "In Jesus name, Amen." and he repeated it. Then he said "Jesus is a baby... God is a dad." I don't know where he got that, maybe Sunday school, but I was pleasantly surprised and so proud!

Today he was playing with some play-doh. He always wants us to take it out of the container. It's not my favorite thing to do because it gets under my fingernails and is a pain to get out so to help him do it himself I got out a measuring spoon. He proceeded to scoop out little pieces and put them into another bowl I gave him to play with. He started to stir and I asked him if he was cooking.

Kai: "Yeah, I'm cooking!"
Me: "What are you making?"
Kai: "play-doh!"

That one made me laugh because he has such a creative imagination, but he can also be so literal. This is such a fun age for silly quotes and funny behaviors. I'm so thankful for these moments, especially when they break the tension of some not-so-fun moments that are also prevalent at this age.


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  1. cute! I was just starting to think about doing this for Tristan since he has said a few things recently that cracked me up. I will give Tristan a spoon to get his play-doh out with next time because I hate getting it under my nails too!


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