Wednesday, December 14, 2011

another year, another...job.

Last year, around this same time, I took on my current position at our church as the Nursery Director. I coordinate volunteers and make sure everything runs smoothly on Sunday mornings in the nursery and two's classrooms. This job was perfect for several reasons, but number one was because it allowed me to work from home most of the time.

This year I've been asked to add on the preschool age group. At first I said no, it was literally my first Sunday morning back to work since having Desmond in October and I wasn't sure how I'd even handle my current role let alone adding a new one. But then I had some time to myself in my office to think, and pray. I called Ben and talked it over with him and it began to look like this additional role could be an answer to prayer for us.

In order to make it doable I'd have to take some time away from my boys. At first I felt guilty that I'd be leaving Desmond while he's still so young(if he'll ever take a bottle, but that's a different story), but Ben assured me that by following God's leadings and bringing in more income at a time when we really need it, that I'm still taking care of my family. The best part is that when I do leave them to spend some focused time working at the church I have their grandmas to watch them...for free. In addition to the hours I put in from home every chance I get, the plan is to go in for 2 half days a week while the boys play with Grandma or Mima. We'll assess my workload along the way and I'll continue to ask God to show me if it's the right choice and we'll see where it goes!


  1. I totally see how that is a huge blessing and also a really hard decision!

  2. I have the same sentiments as Bekah.

    It will be tough at first, but after a routine is figured out, I think you'll enjoy having some time without the boys. Also, extra income is good :)


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