Monday, December 5, 2011

8 weeks: sleep

Last night was a rough one, but not with Desmond. Kai woke up at 2am and was screaming at the top of his lungs. All he wanted was for Ben to hold him and walk around the room. He didn't want to lay down, he didn't want me to hold him, he wanted one thing and he was going to scream until it happened. Unfortunately, we could tell he wasn't feeling well so we wanted to soothe him. The hard part was that Ben's back was hurting, but he powered through and eventually got Kai to calm down enough to lay down with him in his new twin bed. About 2 hours later Ben came back to bed.

It's a bit strange that Desmond is already the better sleeper. He'll pretty much sleep in with me as long as I'm laying in bed and sometimes longer. He naps pretty well and occasionally puts himself to sleep, but gone are the days (it only lasted a week or so) when they'd magically nap at the same time and I could sleep too or get things done around the house. Currently Kai is fighting nap time and Desmond is passed out. Once Malakai falls asleep it'll be about time for Desmond to eat and he'll be wide awake til right about the time Malakai wakes up. Isn't that fun?

Despite the sleep issues around here and our very full schedule we had a pretty great weekend. Today Desmond is 8 weeks old. We won't have his 2 month appointment until next week, I'm guessing he's at our above 14lbs. We're all thinking he's grown a lot in length/height as well.

{he is such a happy boy}

I'll update later in the week about the details of our weekend. For now, I have to go in and try for the 10th time to get Kai to lay down.


  1. oh man, I feel your pain! Hope Kai sleeps better tonight!

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  3. I hope Kai ended up sleeping better last night. That is such an adorable photo of Desmond- what a great smile!


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