Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I know I write about this too often but it's unbelievable how incredibly fast time has been passing me by. It still feels like just yesterday I met Desmond for the first time, but snoozing next to me is a chubby 3 week old, proof that much more time has passed that I'd like. I know a lot of parents wish away stages of their children's lives. Looking forward to when they can grasp a toy, eat solids, crawl, walk, talk, and more. I on the other hand would be happy to slow things down to keep my sons little for as long as possible. I do my best to just sit and watch them in the now, trying hard to memorize every little nuance. Hoping to hang on to all these moments with clarity would be the only advantage, in my opinion, to having photographic memory.

Not only have the weeks sped past too quickly, but the days and the hours are just melting away. Somehow Malakai slept in until 8am yesterday and after getting through some of our morning routines I sat down to look at the clock and it was already 10am. I could hardly believe two hours had passed me by in a blink. I don't know how life could go any faster, but I'm sure it won't be slowing down anytime soon. Despite having a cold, complete with nasty cough, Kai is full of energy. Desmond is obviously not on any sort of schedule yet so keeping him happy has me on my toes at all times.

The nice thing about the days going by fast is that it brings us to the afternoons when Ben gets home and we're all together again. Somehow, when daddy is here things slow down just a little bit.

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