Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend

Well Thanksgiving was Desmond's first big family Holiday (Halloween doesn't count, especially because we did NOTHING). Since we live in the same area as both sets of the boys' grandparents and much of my extended family, we have had two Thanksgiving gatherings in the same day since we got married. I thought it was exhausting before having children, I was dead wrong.

We arrived at Thanksgiving round 1 which was hosted by Ben's parents late Thursday morning. We had to pack to be gone all day so our car was full of extra clothes, tons of diapers, food, and other miscellany that becomes necessary when out with a toddler and baby. This also means we inevitably forgot something. Ben even said, just before we pulled out of the garage "if we forgot something, we'll make due". Unfortunately we forgot the frosting I had made for the pumpkin bars and I didn't want to have to scrounge ingredients to remake it, so he went back for it. Thankfully we only live 10 minutes away.

Desmond met lots of relatives for the first time and was passed around quite a bit, although Aunt Kristi had him for the majority of the time. She even held him while she ate. Our boys are well loved.

Here is a shot of most of the group just before eating.


We visited for a while longer after dinner and chased Kai around. He was a bit overwhelmed by all the people and really just wanted to play in a quiet room or have Grandma read him books, the routine when we're over there on any other day. It was also nap time, but we had Thanksgiving round 2 ahead of us so he got to sleep about 10 minutes on the way there...

We met at a local grange hall because of the large size of this gathering. There were nearly 30 of us and that's with 9 family members missing.


Malakai ran around the open space like a maniac and wanted so badly to play with the big kids, but got run over a few too many times for mama's liking. How he had that much energy after not napping is a mystery to me. He did have a few fits that were clearly due to him being tired, but overall he did really well and enjoyed seeing everyone.

Once again, Des got passed around (and slept through most of it) as he met new family members. I made sure to get a snapshot of just the four of us as I'm usually behind the camera and forget to jump into a picture with my boys.


Once Kai's meltdowns were a bit much to handle we decided to take the boys home. Malakai passed out in the car at 6:30, even with Desmond screaming in the carseat (which I can barely stand). He stirred once around 9pm but continued to sleep for 13 hours. It was a miracle really, since he never sleeps more than 9 hours at night, with or without a nap. Ben and I welcomed the extra sleep as we were super exhausted.

Speaking of sleep, Desmond has turned a corner and I think the colic is behind us (watch, it'll come back now that I'm saying something). He is sleeping so well at night and at naps. In fact, yesterday he fell asleep on his own for nap without his binky and slept for over 3 hours (with a feeding in between). Last night he slept for a 5 hours stretch! Sleep is good.

Back to our weekend...

We didn't venture out on Black Friday or really much of the long weekend at all. We didn't even get our Christmas tree, but Mima + G'Pa did. We headed over to their place to help them decorate. Malakai had a hard time listening to the boundaries we set for him, but he's a two year old and there were shiny things involved...can you blame him?


I can't wait to go get our tree this year. We had gone to nearby lots in the past, but this year we're headed to a tree farm to give Kai the whole experience. I might enjoy it more than he does...we shall see. 


  1. Yeah, 2 is a tough age with the tree! Great pics!

  2. So, I take it Desmond doesn't like the carseat? Solomon HATES it...and it is torture when we have to drive places. That pic of Malakai putting the silver ornament on the tree is ADORABLE!

  3. we did the whole cut your own tree/wagon ride thing this year, and yeah there was one meltdown about not having an apple (?) but overall, it was awesome! it was a great time, and I am excited to make it a yearly tradition!

    Cant wait to hear how it goes for you guys!


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