Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thankful on a Thursday

I realized a couple days ago that I missed posting my thankful list for the first time last week. I guess I have a good excuse, but I was a bit disappointed after the long streak I've had over the past couple years. I also realized how much of a positive spin it forces me to put on all the things going on in my life, last week was rough and I could have used a moment to reflect on what I had to be thankful for in the midst of all that was going wrong.

What's funny is I mostly forgot to post because I haven't really been keeping track of the days. I had to check twice to make sure today was in fact Thursday. This week I hadn't left the house since coming home from errands on Sunday evening until yesterday afternoon when we went for a quick walk to the park because it was slightly warm out. Kai was getting stir crazy which started to make life hard for the rest of us. I hadn't planned on keeping us in the house for so long, but with 3 of us sick it's been too cold to go outside (it agitates Kai's cough and gives me a headache) and we can't really visit anyone and expose them to whatever type of sickness we have going on.

So despite us being sick and stuck in the house, dealing with one stressful situation after another, I have plenty to be thankful for.

871. two sweet sons that besides a nasty cold, are healthy and happy.


{tummy time for two}

872. my patient and supportive husband. he's surely the glue of this family.

873. sleep. despite having a newborn and a snoring toddler, I've been getting some decent stretches of sleep, including a nap each afternoon!

874. time with my husband. in the evenings we occasionally get a little one on one time between Desmond's feedings.

875. technology. I have an app on my ipod that helps me keep track of feedings and such for Desmond and another that reminds me when to take my meds. Also, shout out to Ben getting his first ever iphone this week...he was almost as excited as the he was when he met our sons for the first time ;)

876. hearing Desmond find his voice- he was cooing during last night's bath and often lets out little squeals when he's wiggling on the floor.

877. watching Kai learn how to be gentle and play with his brother at the same time.

878. my mom + mother-in-law who are always willing to lend a hand with their grandsons.

879. our hospital bills being fully covered!

880. a God who forgives and provides me with strength and patience and joy for each new day.

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