Sunday, November 6, 2011


Last week my husband got his first ever iPhone. He has been a fan of Apple products forever and converted me back in our dating days. We've never been able to afford a smart phone for either of us, especially an iPhone. We couldn't justify the monthly data plan expenses either.

 His position at work was approved (after his proposal) for a smart phone, so he was able to get the phone and the plan paid for through work. He had already been using his person iPod Touch for work purposes, so he knew it would help his productivity. My technology obsessed husband has been so patient and finally got the phone he deserves, the iPhone 4S.

I've never felt the need for a smart phone, but I'm a little jealous of just how cool his phone is. What I wish I could do the most is take better photos and videos. I have a boring old normal phone that takes fairly good photos but nothing compared to what smart phones can do these days. I still didn't feel I could justify having a smart phone of my own for just this reason. I'm home most of the time where I have access to internet and my regular camera, and again, the funds just weren't there.

Recently my brother-in-law David agreed (per Ben's request) to give me his current iPhone when he purchases the new 4S. I thought that was pretty generous, but was just planning on using it as an iPod for the camera and other features that my old iPod Touch doesn't have. However, on Friday night while he and Ben were playing with facetime on their phones he told me that as a welcome Desmond gift he wanted to pay for my first month of a data plan. Then in January I'll be eligible to move my account over to his plan (he works for our cell company) and get half off of the normal data plan pricing. I'm so excited to have a smartphone and see what others have been raving about for years. I have a feeling it'll really be a nice little luxury to have.

What kind of technology can you not live without? Currently I've been using this app on my iPod which has been a favorite since Kai was a newborn. If you have an iPhone what are some must-have applications?


  1. What a great gift :)

    We have been in the same boat. Smart phones (especially iPhones) would be wonderful tools in our lives. However, we can't afford the cost of data plans. It would mean an extra $60 a month for the two of us. Instead we have regular phones and our 2nd generation iPods we bought 3 years ago.

    It's hard being responsible sometimes, but it's way more affordable ;)

  2. We are in the same boat! We feel quite outdated... but what can you do? Happy for you! Enjoy!

  3. I got an iPhone a while back, too. It's worth it.

    For efficiency and productivity, I rely on Evernote.
    I also use DropBox, because I'm not sure (eg. don't trust) about the whole iCloud thing, and how it works for OSX Snow Leopard.
    iTorch4 is simple, free flashlight that works great.
    Camera+ was definitely worth the $0.99, when I got it.
    Super 8 makes old-school-esque videos.
    YouVersion's Bible works great, with lots of features and translations.
    Google app is a joke that stalls out constantly--not worth it.
    Apple's FindMyFriends is genius b/w iPhone users.
    Band of the Day introduces you to some great artists on a cool platform.
    SkySafari or Space Junk identify stars, etc., in realtime.
    Geocaching is a fun pastime, and cheap w/ the gps in your phone.

    Have fun!


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