Tuesday, November 8, 2011

the sleepless nights begin

PhotobucketLast night was a rough one, the most difficult we've had with Desmond yet. He didn't start really crying until last week, right after we discovered his ear infection. The past few days he's been passed out and then as soon as Ben + I get ready to climb into bed (9-10pmish) he acts hungry but when I go to nurse him he just scream and grunts, but won't eat. We've tried burping and then attempting to feed him over and over again. We've changed his diaper over and over (he has a bad rash right now, stinkin' antibiotics). We swaddle, and shush, and sway. He'll calm for a minute or two and then start all over again.

Last night it lasted for just over 3 hours and I couldn't help but sob some too. We snuggled him and prayed for relief. It was emotionally draining for both Ben and I, not being able to comfort your baby is the worst feeling in the world. He finally passed out at midnight snuggled up next to me. He slept for almost 5 hours straight, at which point I woke up really uncomfortable. I changed his diaper to wake him so he'd eat, and he ate just fine. No crying, or fussing- actually he fell back to sleep as soon as he started to nurse.

During all the crying, after about 90 minutes of Ben and I trading off trying to calm Desmond, he turned to me and asked "is this colic?". I wasn't sure until I looked up info on our pediatrician's website which said colic is 3+ hours of unexplained crying followed by normal behavior the rest of the time. Since it lasted that long before he fell asleep we're wondering if we are in for a colicy baby for a while, or if it's related to one or multiple other things: ear infection (which should feel better by now), diaper rash, thrush in his mouth, over tiredness, or fast letdown (he sometimes fusses and coughs when feeding during the day as well). It's so hard not knowing, I can't believe I forgot how terrible this felt. Kai had a couple hard nights as an infant too.

I have a newfound thankfulness for Malakai's ability to tell us what is bothering him for the most part. Also, despite our tiny house and sharing a bedroom wall, Malakai has never been disturbed by Desmond's night time crying. He may toss and turn a bit, but always stays asleep. Ben wondered aloud "how is he still asleep?!" I answered, "Jesus". God's power is honestly the only explanation for how that kid can sleep through the screaming that can be heard clearly in every corner of our 1000 square foot home.

Needless to say we are total zombies today. I feel bad that Ben works too far away to come home for a lunchtime snooze. If Kai would cooperate we'd go to bed earlier to get some rest before the crying sets in, but the timing just doesn't work out.

Once again, I'm requesting prayer. We are definitely experiencing a challenging season in our family right now. Thankfully, more often than not, we're able to focus on the blessings and find joy.


  1. is he gassy at all? Luke had a serious screaming session two nights ago and he was very gassy.

    Im sorry you guys are going through this, Jack was a colicky dude, and it was HARD. You will get past it though, you really will! I remember feeling like there was no end in sight.

    Oh also, would a bath calm him down? Jack used to scream in the tub, but afterwards he would be more relaxed

  2. So sorry that you had such a rough night but what a blessing that Kai was able to sleep through it! I will be praying for you guys. Hope you squeeze a nap in today.

  3. Lincoln was my colicky baby! He would scream for hours on end. Since I had dairy issues with Anna, I quickly went off dairy for Link. We found out he was even more sensitive to milk proteins than Anna. Hopefully you can figure it out. Every baby is so different. I would take warm baths with him to help too. We also listened to lots of lullabies on pandora in the evenings. He still has rough times, every once in awhile. And we have a small house too, but Anna never wakes up. We also used gripe water. It really did seem to help! And it worked quickly! Sleep is over rated anyway, right? I hope you can get some rest and little Desmond can get some too and feel better!

  4. Aww, I am so sorry! Solomon went through a similar thing at about that age where he just.wouldn't.sleep...horrible naps, wide awake when we wanted to go to bed...it was rough. I hope you can figure out what's going on. Praying for peace and grace.

  5. I hope & pray for you that it isn't colic; B was colicy for about 3 months straight & it was a true test to being a parent & spouse. Hopefully it was just a gas bubble though & he is sleeping & feeling better now!


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