Friday, November 4, 2011

our poor kiddos


Yesterday Kai got to coughing so hard that he threw up. It wasn't actually as bad as it sounds and he wasn't even phased by it at all. However, I decided to call Dr. B's office to see if we should come in. They wanted to take a listen to his lungs and of course just check him out so we went in this morning. Malakai's chest sounds perfect, but my sweet boy has a double ear infection. Only the 2nd time he has had an ear infection (his first one was at 18 months) and we had no clue. Dr. B said it looks like it just started, so that's probably why he hasn't been bothered much except when it's time to sleep.

While we were there she wanted to check out Desmond too (I knew she would, she's THAT awesome) and his lungs sound raspy, which isn't surprising since the kiddos has been snoring almost as much as his big brother. Sadly, he also has an ear infection. His first one at nearly 4 weeks old! Kai had a cold when he was this age, but it didn't get this bad. It happened quick and I was really surprised since I've never had a baby with an ear infection.

So starting today both of our boys are on antibiotics and on top of that Desmond and I have thrush from my having been on antibiotics for mastitis, which means we're both on meds for that too. The fun just never ends in the Pottorf household! So if you happen to think of us, please say a prayer for a quick recovery on all accounts.

P.S. Desmond now weighs 11lbs 7.5oz...that's over a pound per week since birth!!

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  1. oh my goodness that is so sad! Your poor sweet guys!

    Sometimes I feel like maybe you and I live some weird version of the same life on opposite coasts! Jack coughed until he threw up today as well...and Im thinking Luke is now getting his cold. Jack has an appt on monday...I am praying for no ear infections!

    I will be praying for you all, hope you all recover quickly from everything! Take it easy this weekend!


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