Monday, November 14, 2011

one month: a comparison

Since I did a few comparisons of my first pregnancy with Malakai to my second with Desmond, it only seems right to compare the brothers from time to time. I just got the urge to look through Kai's baby photos to see how his looks compare with Desmond's at this stage. They truly look so different to me!

{Both my boys at around one month old}

There are subtle similarities that can't really be picked out in photographs, but are things I see in Desmond that I remember about Malakai. They both smiled for the first time at about one month old (Demond treated me with that yesterday), they both had the funky long hair in the back and new short spikey hair growing on top. Since Kai's was so light, he looked like a balding old man. Desmond's hair is much darker so he doesn't look so bald on top. 

They both very much enjoy "wiggle time", however Malakai wanted to be wide awake to wiggle in the middle of the night and Desmond's timing has been much more reasonable. Malakai was fairly easy to get to sleep at the beginning of the night though, and Desmond takes a few hours to calm down. Our pediatrician suspects that Des has a bit of colic, but gripe water has lessened its severity. 

Malakai gained weight quickly and was at the top of the percentile for weight, Desmond is gaining even faster. I compared their 2 week appointment weight gain and while Des was only a couple ounces bigger at birth, he was over a pound bigger than Malakai at 2 weeks. Desmond's head is about the same but he's taller/longer than Kai was. It'll be interesting to see if that trend sticks and whether or not Desmond will surpass his older brother in size like his uncle in comparison to his daddy. 


  1. Cute comparison! Yes, Desmond definitely has his own look, doesn't he? I really think he reminds me more of your side, from what I've seen. So cute!

  2. Very cute! From an outsiders point of view, they definitely look very different!

    Ive been doing similar comparisons over here as well! I thought Jack was a big baby, but Luke is much bigger! I wonder what similarities and differences will continue to emerge?!

  3. What a fun idea! Both adorable but yes, different. It will be interesting to see how they compare as Desmond ages :)


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