Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thankful on a Thursday

I wanted to post a few new pictures with this update, but time is escaping me. T-minus 3 days until Ben returns to work. I thought the last 2 years flew by since we've had Malakai but I'm thinking that two kids is going to make the days go by even faster. If you've discovered a way to slow down the clock, please share your secret.

This week I'm thankful for...

861. Desmond gaining weight. The kid is a marvel among the docs + nurses.

862. Relaxing and bonding time with my boys.

863. long stretches of sleep (and by long I mean 2-4 consecutive hours)

864. continually borrowing my in-laws DSLR camera to capture the daily goings on of my growing family.

865. a day at home with no events or expectations (I have some sort of stomach bug, so I needed the rest)

866. a free newborn + family session with a great photographer. I can't wait to see how the photos turned out.

867. once again, home-cooked meals from friends + family and a well stocked fridge, pantry, and freezer. I am so glad to not have to go to the grocery store anytime soon!

868. Ben's encouragement as we count down the days to his return to work and my new adventure as a mama to two. He makes me feel like I can do anything.

869. watching Malakai get to know and love his baby brother. He has been so sweet and a big help around the house already.

870. food on the table, gas in the car, clothes on my back, blankets on my bed and a roof over my head. Our God provides.

I'll be posting my birth story tomorrow.


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