Monday, October 24, 2011

the past 2 weeks

October has been an interesting month for us. We've had some challenges as well as some wonderful things happen. First my stay in the hospital for monitoring, then Desmond's birth, next my recovery. Last week I came down with a stomach bug which luckily only lasted a day.

Then this past weekend I came down with a nasty fever. Ben took me to the after hours clinic and I was diagnosed with mastitis. I felt like I had been in a car accident, the aches and pains were almost unbearable. However,  I was so thankful to not have something contagious. Poor Ben had to take care of the whole family all by himself- he did an amazing job. Sadly we spent the last days of his paternity leave stuck in the house feeling pretty miserable.

Our plan to transition from having Ben home full time for 2 weeks was during the last week to have me take on more time with Malakai as I could based on Desmond's feeding demands. Unfortunately, that was interrupted by my being so sick I could barely get off the couch.

Thankfully the antibiotics kicked in quickly and after two days of a miserable fever, it broke last night and I felt like a human being again today. Just in time for Ben to go to work! My mom came over this morning to help which we had planned before my fever cleared. It was nice to have her help this morning to ease the transition. She stayed til nap and because I felt so much better I let her know that I'd be fine for the afternoon and she went home. I also had several friends offer to come over and help or pick up anything I needed which makes me feel really loved, thank you ladies! It was really nice to not need them and I'm hoping that this will be my only fight against mastitis as I've had a couple people tell me they've had it several times! I can't even imagine.

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Our boys are doing really well. Kai is still establishing some physical boundaries with Desmond. He hasn't quite grasped the difference between jumping on daddy and jumping on baby. He loves his little brother though and every morning asks "where's baby? find him? see him?" which I absolutely love.

Desmond it two weeks old today! He loves to eat which helps out with having mastitis. I think I actually came down with it though in part due to his sleeping well at night. He can sleep 2-4 hours at a time, which Kai didn't do so early. He is getting so chubby already and is increasing his wakeful hours during the day.

We still have people bringing meals, which is super nice with my being sick and transitioning to being home with the boys without help during the day. Kai gets a bit mischievous and seems to know that I'm less mobile while feeding Desmond. He'll open the fridge (the lock broke just before Des was born), mess with the tv buttons, or jump off the couch because he knows I can't stop him right away. I'll have to figure out just how to get him to be preoccupied during the frequent feedings as tv, toys, and snacks only go so far.

Thanks for all the inquiries and congrats! I appreciate all of you. Be back soon (with photos!).


  1. Nursing the little one while the big one was running wild was the hardest part for us too!
    What saved my sanity was trying to get out as much as possible, obviously you are still recovering, but hopefully you can get out and about to parks and playgroups etc. Just having Joaquin run and play with friends while I nursed Isela under a tree made things so much easier, especially with friends around. I also often nursed in his room with his toys etc, so he didn't have much reason to leave the room. Oh, and asking him to help was a good trick..."hey baby, can you get me that etc etc etc". These first few months are hard, but once you get through them, seeing the two grow that bond make it all so worth it!

  2. jack acts up during nursing sessions as well! so frustrating


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