Monday, October 31, 2011

3 weeks...

Desmond is 3 weeks old today (oh how time is passing us by) and it's my 2nd week as a stay at home mama of two. I must admit that I knew it would be difficult once Ben went back to work, but last week was far more than challenging, it was just plain hard. A large part of our rough start was my being sick, but also Malakai's behavior was more unruly than usual.

I'm relying on God's strength to get me through this week. I'm praying for peace + patience and a better week overall. Unfortunately, we're starting off with Kai being sick. His congestion that I attributed to teething has graduated to a cough. Lucky for me he still has the same amount of energy as usual (he just jumped off the couch as I typed that). Sadly we won't be venturing out to the harvest party we planned to attend tonight. I was looking forward to getting out of the house and hanging out with some friends and their kiddos, but a night in with my family isn't ever a bad thing in my opinion.

{starting off the week snuggling my boys- it's going to be a great day!}

Happy Monday,

Friday, October 28, 2011

photo friday: me + my boys.

When Desmond was just 8 days old we decided to take advantage of Ben being home during the days and take the boys to the pumpkin patch when it would be less busy than on the weekends.




We saw goats, Kai jumped in puddles, we went for a walk around the farm, checked out the picked pumpkins and ate some lunch. We had a blast and we didn't even go to the actual pumpkin patch part of the farm (at $3 a person to take the hay ride it just wasn't worth it this year).

Throughout the past 3 weeks (whoah) we've had lots of visitors and I haven't had to make dinner once. If someone wasn't bringing a meal we had plenty of leftovers from a previous ones. We barely even worry about lunch. Desmond met a lot of friends + family and has gained 2lbs since birth.


The boys have had many firsts, especially Desmond of course. He was not a fan of his first tub bath so daddy made sure to go as fast as possible.


This week Malakai, Desmond, + I have been figuring out our days together since Ben went back to work. Since I came down with Mastitis last weekend my mom came on Monday and spontaneously offered to come again for a bit yesterday. She and my brother took Kai to the park and wore him out just before lunch and nap. It was such a nice break and was so good for Kai to get outside and play. I'm doing tons better with the help of antibiotics and feeding Desmond as often as possible. Once my fever broke I felt like a human again. This week has been a challenge and I'm very ready for the weekend.

We've also been making sure that Kai gets plenty of daddy time in the evenings since he got so used to spending his days with Ben during his leave. I love watching them play together.


Those are just a few photos from our past few weeks. They aren't really in any good order, which would drive me nuts if I had the time to worry about it...

Thursday, October 27, 2011

let's go backwards

Just for a minute, let's go back to when I was 34 weeks pregnant. We had maternity + family photos taken by Creo Photography and the CD came in the mail the day we brought Desmond home. I finally popped it in the computer today. Here are the images she captured just 7 weeks ago.










Monday, October 24, 2011

the past 2 weeks

October has been an interesting month for us. We've had some challenges as well as some wonderful things happen. First my stay in the hospital for monitoring, then Desmond's birth, next my recovery. Last week I came down with a stomach bug which luckily only lasted a day.

Then this past weekend I came down with a nasty fever. Ben took me to the after hours clinic and I was diagnosed with mastitis. I felt like I had been in a car accident, the aches and pains were almost unbearable. However,  I was so thankful to not have something contagious. Poor Ben had to take care of the whole family all by himself- he did an amazing job. Sadly we spent the last days of his paternity leave stuck in the house feeling pretty miserable.

Our plan to transition from having Ben home full time for 2 weeks was during the last week to have me take on more time with Malakai as I could based on Desmond's feeding demands. Unfortunately, that was interrupted by my being so sick I could barely get off the couch.

Thankfully the antibiotics kicked in quickly and after two days of a miserable fever, it broke last night and I felt like a human being again today. Just in time for Ben to go to work! My mom came over this morning to help which we had planned before my fever cleared. It was nice to have her help this morning to ease the transition. She stayed til nap and because I felt so much better I let her know that I'd be fine for the afternoon and she went home. I also had several friends offer to come over and help or pick up anything I needed which makes me feel really loved, thank you ladies! It was really nice to not need them and I'm hoping that this will be my only fight against mastitis as I've had a couple people tell me they've had it several times! I can't even imagine.

_____ _ _ _ _____ _ _ _ _____ _ _ _ _____ _ _ _ 

Our boys are doing really well. Kai is still establishing some physical boundaries with Desmond. He hasn't quite grasped the difference between jumping on daddy and jumping on baby. He loves his little brother though and every morning asks "where's baby? find him? see him?" which I absolutely love.

Desmond it two weeks old today! He loves to eat which helps out with having mastitis. I think I actually came down with it though in part due to his sleeping well at night. He can sleep 2-4 hours at a time, which Kai didn't do so early. He is getting so chubby already and is increasing his wakeful hours during the day.

We still have people bringing meals, which is super nice with my being sick and transitioning to being home with the boys without help during the day. Kai gets a bit mischievous and seems to know that I'm less mobile while feeding Desmond. He'll open the fridge (the lock broke just before Des was born), mess with the tv buttons, or jump off the couch because he knows I can't stop him right away. I'll have to figure out just how to get him to be preoccupied during the frequent feedings as tv, toys, and snacks only go so far.

Thanks for all the inquiries and congrats! I appreciate all of you. Be back soon (with photos!).

Friday, October 21, 2011

Birth Story: Desmond

It's interesting trying to recount labor and delivery the second time around. I'm still in awe that I've done this twice and am now the proud mama of two sweet boys. It's only been 11 days, so I guess I'm allowed to still be reeling.

If you're caught up around here, you'll remember that on Wednesday October 5th I had a small incident that landed me in the hospital for 20 hours. Everything was fine, but protocol was extended monitoring of both myself and baby to be certain. On Friday I went in for a follow up with my OB as well as my regular weekly appointment. Baby still sounded great and I had progressed to about 4cm, 50% effaced. To me that was "nothing" since I walked around at 4cm for 2 weeks before active labor kicked in with Malakai. I knew very well not to get my hopes up over a little progress since my body seems to like to hang out in early labor for weeks. Dr. M told me to just go into labor that weekend since she'd be on call, also because she'd then be gone the following 3 days. Obviously my body didn't listen.

On the night of Sunday October 9th I woke up to a few uncomfortable contractions here and there but was able to go back to sleep. I didn't really think much of it and thanks to Kai I was able to sleep in til almost 8:30 that morning (normal wake up time is 6:30am). God knew I needed my strength! At about 11:30 am I was feeling some stronger contractions coming in waves about every 10-15 minutes. They weren't too regular at first, but intense enough to make me wonder. I decided to put on a movie for Malakai so I could lay down on the couch and see if labor progressed or slowed.  I texted Ben to let him know what was going on and that I'd keep him posted. I also asked him to assure me that if I was in labor that it didn't matter that my doctor was out.

{Kai letting me "relax"}

At 12:15 I had a very intense contraction while lying down. I got up and while they got closer together they got a little more mild but by 12:30 they were every 3 minutes and coming on stronger. I called Ben but told him I was hesitant to have him come home since I hadn't been having contractions for very long. He had already missed work for the previous week's incident and we wanted to save up vacation time for after Desmond arrived. He suggested I wait another 15 minutes or so. After two very intense contractions I called him 6 minutes later and said "It's go time!". So he started towards home which takes between 20-30 minutes depending on traffic.

Meanwhile I had started cleaning house to ensure that we wouldn't come home to a mess. It didn't take much as Ben and I had been doing a lot of deep cleaning and organizing the previous weekend. I unloaded, reloaded, and ran the dishwasher. Sorted and washed a load of Kai's laundry as he was out of pj's, cleared a bunch of clutter out of our living room, swept and wiped down the kitchen and family room and packed last minute things for our hospital bag. All the while pausing to sway and breathe through contractions about every 2-3 minutes. I was writing the times down because my ipod with the contraction application had died. Apparently I'm a crazy person. Looking back, I can hardly believe I actually did all that as I labored.

Ben got home a little after 1pm. He was expecting my mom to be there and for me to be ready to go to the hospital. I hadn't even called my mom yet and Kai still needed to be put down for his nap. So Ben worked on getting big brother to sleep and I called my mom to let her know she could make her way over, but there was no rush. I really wanted to labor at home some and not be at the hospital forever. I also wanted Malakai to be napping since he doesn't go to sleep well for others. He was really protesting his nap, I'm sure he could tell there was something going on. It was after 2pm by the time he was snoozing and we were ready to get out the door. At about that time I was starting to feel some pain in my back with each contraction. I casually mentioned to my mom that I was hoping not to have back labor.

We got checked out in triage at the hospital and I had progress from 4cm and 50% that Friday to 5cm and 90% effaced. The monitors showed my contractions coming strong and often and the nurse called to get us a room in Labor + Delivery, calling me "a keeper" which was music to my ears after having been sent home from there too many times before.

At about 3pm the L+D nurse hooked me up to monitors again in our room for a bit while she went through the admission information. She was explaining everything she did to the other nurse, I could tell she was training her. I think I would have been irritated if labor were the same as it had been with Malakai but this time around I actually got rest in between the contractions and was in good spirits. I was much more focused and I was talking myself up positively as much as I could. I kept telling Ben "I can do this, I am so good at this" which sounds funny, but really helped me.

Once they finished with admission and monitoring I got unhooked and immediately took advantage of the jacuzzi tub. I was still having some intense back pain through each contraction, so Ben would press hard inward on my hips to help relieve the pain each time. At every two minutes, you could imagine his wrists were getting sore, but he powered through and was incredible the whole time.

Since I was able to talk and relax between contractions I decided I could eat something. Who knew how long we'd be there and I wanted to make sure to eat something since I didn't really have lunch. I was so hungry that I wanted to order just about everything on the menu but Ben wouldn't let me order anything heavy. I was kinda bummed but knew he was right about skipping the chicken strips. I got a turkey sandwich and ate half of it between contractions. Little did I know that I would deliver before dinner!

I got out of the tub before I got too warm, which was key since last time I got entirely too hot and then way too cold. I labored on a birthing ball and began to feel some pressure, so the nurse decided to check my progress. 8cm! It had only been an hour and I progressed 3cm. The nurse told me she'd be calling the on-call doc as I could easily go from an 8 to pushing within 15 minutes. I wish that had been the case!

The doctor arrived shortly after and checked my progress again. She said I was at a 9 but if I felt like pushing with the contractions I could and it may help me progress the last little bit. She also broke my water around 5pm. I pushed some in a squatting position but it surely didn't feel as though I was making progress and the back pain was getting to my legs. Both the nurse and doctor said that I was stalling and having pains because baby hadn't turned all the way for delivery. Bearing down through contractions could help that, as well as changing my position. I lay on my side through a few but Ben couldn't push on my hips to help with the back labor, which was notably more intense. After another check and changing of positions someone suggested my hands and knees so we tried that through a few until I became so exhausted that I had to lay down. I landed on my left hip with one leg up on the squat bar and suddenly that did the trick and I was pushing Desmond out. The pain and the pressure were intense, Ben said I held my breath so long while pushing that I turned purple at one point. It felt like forever but I had 2 nurses, the doctor and Ben cheering me on that he was coming and that I was getting him here so I kept going despite feeling (and saying) that I couldn't do it. My body was exhausted and the fatigue was more of a road block than the pain. It felt like forever between hearing that he was crowning, to having his head out and then another forever for the rest of him, which was very different than my previous experience.

At 6:12pm after only 7 hours of active labor, Desmond Lee Pottorf was born. Someone told me to reach down to pull him up which was confusing since I was laying on my side. Then I suddenly had a very dark haired and scrunchie faced baby boy on my chest, Ben was smiling wide, and we were both laughing out of pure joy. We stayed that way for an hour as the nurses and doctor cleaned up and prepped me for stitches and got the room ready for Desmond's first bath and my getting to eat the dinner that had just arrived. God bless that nurse for thinking ahead and taking our order before the kitchen closed. She was experienced enough to know that it was going to happen fast!


Before cleaning us all off Desmond fed for the first time and did wonderfully. Then Ben gave him his first bath, the nurse commended him for being so at ease through the whole process. I'm sure he didn't feel that confident the first time around, but he was wonderful. Once I showered and we ate dinner they moved us to the Mother/bBaby Unit of the hospital.

Around 9pm my mom brought Malakai to meet his little brother for the first time. He was super sweet and gentle. He rubbed his hair a little, said baby brother and called his hair purple. Then he immediately climbed up on the couch and asked to watch tv.

{first look}

Next my parents and siblings came to meet him and shortly after Ben's mom came over. She works in the NICU of the hospital and had been eagerly waiting for Kai to meet him before coming over. It got late quickly so everyone left around 10:30, including Ben. He went home to put Kai to bed and then return to stay the night with Desmond and I in the hospital. My mom and brother stayed at our house with Malakai. It was comforting to know that Kai was going to get some of his regular bedtime routine with daddy to help ease the transition and the crazy day we'd all had.

I barely slept that night, partially because Des was up frequently to breastfeed and also because hospitals are just incredibly uncomfortable. My bed had some sort of air compression mattress so every time I moved it revved up like it was about to take flight.

Early the next morning we texted friends + family with the news and had a few visitors. We had let the nurses know we wanted to check out as soon as possible. Both my doctor's office and the pediatrician's office had docs there fairly early to discharge Desmond + I. Then we just had to wait for the PKU, hearing test, and discharge paperwork to get out of there. We left just after noon, making our entire stay less than 24 hours.


I was so happy to get out of there and get home with all three of my handsome boys. We've been enjoying Ben's paternity leave which is over all too soon next Monday. It's been a great time of bonding and transition for all of us. Desmond has been a very eager eater and good sleeper. When we left the hospital he had lost about an ounce of weight, by his 3 day weigh in he weighed a fraction of an ounce more than his birth weight which was 7 lbs. 5oz. Wednesday at his circ appointment he weighed in at 8lbs 10oz. Yes, I have a chubby newborn! I'm just thankful my babies gain their weight fast after birth!

Thank you for all the inquiries and well wishes. Thanks also to all our friends + family that have been bringing us dinners since our return home. It has been BEYOND helpful to not have to think about dinner as we settle in and adjust to far less sleep.

I'll do my best to update here as often as possible as I surely want to keep record of the new and adorable things both of my sons are doing. But I am anticipating my posts to be shorter and farther between as I soak up the precious moments.

Much love,

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thankful on a Thursday

I wanted to post a few new pictures with this update, but time is escaping me. T-minus 3 days until Ben returns to work. I thought the last 2 years flew by since we've had Malakai but I'm thinking that two kids is going to make the days go by even faster. If you've discovered a way to slow down the clock, please share your secret.

This week I'm thankful for...

861. Desmond gaining weight. The kid is a marvel among the docs + nurses.

862. Relaxing and bonding time with my boys.

863. long stretches of sleep (and by long I mean 2-4 consecutive hours)

864. continually borrowing my in-laws DSLR camera to capture the daily goings on of my growing family.

865. a day at home with no events or expectations (I have some sort of stomach bug, so I needed the rest)

866. a free newborn + family session with a great photographer. I can't wait to see how the photos turned out.

867. once again, home-cooked meals from friends + family and a well stocked fridge, pantry, and freezer. I am so glad to not have to go to the grocery store anytime soon!

868. Ben's encouragement as we count down the days to his return to work and my new adventure as a mama to two. He makes me feel like I can do anything.

869. watching Malakai get to know and love his baby brother. He has been so sweet and a big help around the house already.

870. food on the table, gas in the car, clothes on my back, blankets on my bed and a roof over my head. Our God provides.

I'll be posting my birth story tomorrow.


Monday, October 17, 2011

due date

As you all know by now, Desmond is here. Today is his "due" date so we had a little fun and did one more picture in same pose as when I was pregnant.


It's hard to imagine he fit in there and just last week he was wiggling around, gearing up to be born. Life is such a mysterious miracle. Our God is so good.

I really need to sit down and write out all the details of his labor and delivery, not just to share it here, but to  make sure I get it out of my head before it becomes a fuzzy memory. 

As of now, we are all doing great. Kai loves his baby brother, but of course still acts his age which is sometimes challenging, just as it was before last Monday. Ben + I keep marveling at the fact we now have kids...plural. We're all adjusting, but so happy to do so. I'm a bit nervous for Ben to go back to work next week but know that God will give me the patience and the strength to balance caring for a 2 week old and a 2 year old all by myself!

Be back soon.

Friday, October 14, 2011


It is beyond evident what I'm thankful for this week...

851. the birth of our 2nd son, Desmond Lee. the days are FLYING by already.


852. Malakai's love + tenderness toward his new brother.


{the first meeting}

853. Ben's paternity leave to be home as we transition to a household of 4.

854. our health and wellbeing- Desmond weighed more at our 3 day follow up than he did when born!

855. generous friends + family bringing us meals to relieve me from cooking as I recover.

856. the ebb + flow of visitors. I love having visitors, it keeps us from getting cabin fever, but it's also nice when the day consists only of the 4 of us sleeping, eating, and bonding. 

857. gifts and flowers to welcome Desmond to the world.


{gorgeous flowers from church + Ben's work}

858. being able to run on adrenaline and love when sleep is hard to come by.

859. snuggling my sweet tiny newborn, taking in every little moment.


860. God's blessings- my cup runneth over. 

P.S. we'll be sure to type up our labor + delivery experience soon and share it with all of you. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

And now there are four...

Introducing Desmond Lee Pottorf


Born 10.10.11 at 6:12pm. 7lbs. 5oz. 20in. We are home and settling in to our new normal as a happy family of four. More info and details to come as time allows. 

Monday, October 10, 2011

39 weeks (AKA still pregnant)

I got a lot of comments yesterday at church from people surprised to see me there. I'm really hoping this is the last of these updates and that before next Monday I'll be writing about little brother's birth...

{it cracks me up how the shadow makes my belly look 4 inches larger}

How far along? 39 weeks, measuring 36- meaning baby has surely dropped.
Total weight gain/loss: 35 lbs. I think.
Maternity Clothes: I've grown out of most of my tops due to how low I'm carrying now.
Sleep: very little at night and now I'm even having trouble catching up by napping. I attempted 2 naps over the weekend and both were failures.
Best moment this week: the assurance that little brother is okay after my fall and seeing Malakai after being away from him for 20 hours.
Movement: much slower, but still constant.
Gender: little bro
Labor Signs: lots. I have contractions + twinges all day and a lot during the night as well. I was 4cm and 50% effaced last Friday...but I know all of that pretty much means nothing in terms of when I'll go into active labor ::sigh::
Food Cravings: ice cream, always always.
Belly Button in or out? depends on babies position. Sometimes out, sometimes flat.
What I miss: being able to hold Kai in my lap, or reach things at the back of countertops. 
What I am looking forward to: holding my sweet baby bean in my arms. 
Weekly Wisdom: enjoy the wait.
Baby Brain Moment of the Week: 
Milestones: Not really a great milestone, but we had our first trip to the hospital of this pregnancy (there were 5 total with my first pregnancy). I'm hoping there will only be one more- the day we meet our new baby!

As an additional update from my hospital stay and follow up at the doctor: I haven't had any symptoms of placental abruption from my fall. Baby sounded great on Friday, and is definitely head down and ready to make his big arrival. 
I had a random itchy rash on my belly that my doctor said could be a symptom of cholestasis of pregnancy, so they did some blood tests. As of last night the rash is already cleared up (it only lasted a week) so I'm hopeful that all the testing comes back normal as to avoid medication or possibly being induced. I really don't think I have any complications and Dr. M was just being cautious. 

I've been having plenty of contractions, but nothing worthy of going in or even calling in over. For now it's just a waiting game. We've accomplished about 90% of our to-do list and I'm pretty much letting the other 10% get done as we have time + energy but really not worry about having them checked off before baby arrives. 

I've also been keeping myself busy (as if Kai doesn't do that already) with small craft projects like covering boxes with fabric for storage/decor and making a mobile for above the changer in the nursery. The playroom is done, so I'll finally be posting that update later today or possibly tomorrow once I get some photos and some time. 

{looking for little brother}

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thankful on a Thursday

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, it seems that Thursdays always land at just the right time for me to reflect on what I'm thankful for. In the midst of a very frustrating and emotional week I'm brought back to all I have to be grateful for.

This week I'm thankful for...

841. my husband's ability to be completely real with me when it comes to his feelings.

842. the doctor's and nurses in charge of my care while at the hospital.

843. Malakai's resilience and flexibility while we were away from him.

844. Two very patient and loving grandma's to play and watch over Kai.

845. God's peace over me while I spent a night alone at the hospital.

846. The rest and care I received today to attempt to bounce back.

847. the cold and wet weather returning to our area.

848. ice cream followed up by hot chocolate.

849. feeling as ready as I'll ever be to meet our new son.

850. care, concern, thoughts, and prayers from friends + family + all of you.

back from the hospital


Last night was my first night away from Malakai, ever. It didn't happen intentionally, I had no time to prepare. I found myself wishing we had followed through with a trial overnighter like we had planned on. Even just him staying at home overnight with someone other than us. He's done well going to bed for others, which is basically the hardest part.

I'll back up. Yesterday morning I was walking out of the play room and stepped on a toy (typical) and I stumbled, hitting belly first on the open door. I didn't fall down, just sort of bounced off the wall. It wasn't really painful, just startling. I lay down to make sure baby was moving and all was well and then I called my doctor's office. When I finally heard back from the nurse she told me they'd probably just monitor me for a bit when I came in for my weekly appointment later that afternoon, but she needed to talk with my OB. Baby was still moving and I wasn't really worried at all. I wasn't in pain and nothing was out of the ordinary.

I get another call back letting me know that I was to head straight to the hospital for "extended monitoring". I still felt like I shouldn't worry but being told to go right away scared me a bit. Malakai was napping by this point so Ben's mom came to stay with him while we headed to the hospital. Once we got to triage in Labor + Delivery I asked the nurse how long we should expect to be there. She had to check with my doctor but let us know that extended monitoring usually meant 4 hours, but could be 12. Once she got clarification from Dr. M we were told to expect 4 hours on the monitors. I was grumpy about the whole thing, but knew that it was best to play it safe.

After 3 hours and a lot of back and forth between 3 different nurses and the on-call doc (who was stuck at the other hospital) we were told that because my uterus was overly active that they were going to keep me overnight for continued monitoring. News we were not expecting at all. They were watching for signs of placental abruption. While baby's heart rate and movement was tracking normal, my uterus wasn't. Protocol said that I needed to be monitored for roughly 24 hours to be sure that everything was ok.

To get medical/technical, I was told during monitoring when I was pregnant with Malakai that I have an active/irritable uterus. Basically it doesn't really show up as a flat line on the monitors as having no movement, which is what the nurses wanted to see in order to send me home. So while I was certain that everything was normal, they couldn't send me home.

I was pretty emotional considering I didn't get to prepare for my first night away from Malakai. By then Ben's mom had left and my mom had come over to watch Kai. It started to get late and the doctor had still not seen us so we decided Ben should go home to at least get Kai to bed and see whether or not he should stay with Kai or come back to be with me. Ultimately Malakai was having too rough a time getting to bed so Ben stayed home, it was our first night apart in 3 years, making my stay alone in the hospital even more rough.

The on-call doctor didn't even get to me until 10:30pm, I had been at the hospital at 1pm. It was a long and stressful wait just to hear that they definitely would not discharge me and that I was stuck.

I was hooked up to the uncomfortable and often painful monitors all night and only got about 3 hours of sleep, non-consecutively. I fought back a lot of tears, and tried my best to not get worked up as to not cause unnecessary stress to myself and little brother. By the time morning came I was really missing my boys and feeling pretty lonely. Not to mention feeling the aches and pains of being restricted to sleeping in a hospital bed with monitors and wires everywhere.

Ben + Kai came to get me around 8 this morning and I couldn't have been happier to see them. I had been away from Malakai for nearly 20 hours, which is the longest stretch ever. It may seem silly to some, but our lifestyle just doesn't afford overnight vacations away from our child and since I'm primarily a stay-at-home mom it's just our reality that I'm with him all the time. I knew this time would come but thought I'd be in labor so I'd have some time to mentally prepare myself, not to mention the distraction that laboring would bring.

After going back and forth with several nurses and 2 different on-call doctors I was finally discharged, after 18 hours of continuous monitoring. It's not 100% that everything is fine, but everything looks good. I just need to take extra care to notice baby's movements or lack thereof and some other symptoms of a placental abruption. I'm confident that I didn't really hit my tummy THAT hard and that overall God is watching over us.

So, needless to say, it was a rough night. I'm still recovering physically from being stuck in bed that long (the aches + pains!), not sleeping (I will be napping soon), and the emotional roller coaster it all ended up being.

I'd appreciate any and all prayers for myself and little brother as we await labor and delivery over the next couple weeks (or days!).

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

growing baby- 38 week photo

Here's a photo of me from last night, 38 weeks, 1 day and ready as can be to meet this little boy. This should have gone with Monday's post. 

 I've been so worn out lately I've been hanging out at home in my pj's with Malakai for the past couple of days. Excuse the no-makeup and ratty hair in the photo, but I still wanted to document the progress of growing this baby.


Today is our weekly appointment, so I'll actually get dressed and try to look like a human before leaving the house.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Today's not been the most fun. I woke up at 4:30am to Kai yelling. Thankfully Ben got him back to sleep pretty easily. Unfortunately I couldn't get back to sleep and I've been having mild contractions all day. Malakai got up at 6:30 and is having a very hard time listening to his mama. I just endured one of the most epic tantrums ever. I can't even get this kid to go outside and's going to be a long day.

Monday, October 3, 2011

38 weeks

Here we are 2 weeks from the due date. We've made it to the "any day now" point of this pregnancy. It went by so quickly. Having our floors finished and being out of the month of September makes us feel even more ready for little brother to make his arrival. I have signs of labor about every evening, but nothing to call in about. I learned the hard way last time with two trips to the hospital for false labor before the real deal. I plan on not going in until the contractions stop me in my tracks, now that I'm familiar with active labor. I also hope to stay at home to labor for the first part depending on how things progress.

No picture for this post, maybe I'll share one later this week but I literally don't have a recent one.

How far along? 38 weeks 
Total weight gain/loss: 35 lbs.
Stretch marks? nothing new, just itchy.
Maternity Clothes: with the fall weather finally arriving in Oregon I have more options.
Sleep: tossing + turning but I'm used to it by now.
Best moment this week: snuggles with Malakai + little brother's kicks and nudges.
Movement: slow but regular.
Gender: little baby brother
Labor Signs: contractions every day. 3.5cm and 50% effaced at my last appointment.
Food Cravings: nothing in particular, just needing to eat small meals + snacks all day.
Belly Button in or out? out.
What I miss: being able to get out of bed without rolling.
What I am looking forward to: meeting our son. while our to-do list is still fairly long, I think we're ready!
Weekly Wisdom: enjoy the final moments of pregnancy, it's over so quickly.
Baby Brain Moment of the Week: mixing up schedules and confusing church volunteers yesterday morning. 
Milestones: labor "progress", although I learned last time (I was at 4cm for two weeks) that it means little to nothing.

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