Thursday, September 8, 2011

injury at the dr's office...

Yesterday afternoon Kai + I went in for my 34 week appointment. We're going every two weeks now, soon it'll be every week! On the way there my upper back was feeling a bit tight but since I was driving I couldn't do much about it. I resolved to try to stretch when I parked.

When we got there I grabbed the stroller out of the trunk, hoisted my 32lb. (at least!) son into it and started to push him toward the building. Then a rather alarming and incredibly sharp pain stabbed through my upper ribs and right shoulder blade. It hurt to push the stroller or have my purse on my arm. I put my purse on the stroller and pushed mostly with my left arm as much as I could. I struggled through checking in and all that entails and then sat to wait.

As I sat in the waiting room, the pain intensified and I was holding back tears. I'm normally fairly tolerant to pain, even at somewhat extreme levels, but this was taking me by surprise. I could hardly move my right side and being alone with my two year old I wasn't quite sure what to do. I texted Ben to pray for me and tried to relax, hoping it would let up by the time the nurse called me back. Just a few minutes later, my name was called.

I told my OB's nurse what was going on and asked if she would mind pushing Kai's stroller into the exam room for me. She was very sweet and helpful, even as Kai screamed for her to stop pushing...he has moments where only one specific person pushing the cart/stroller makes him happy. That was fun.

As I waited for my doctor in the exam room I realized that there was no way I'd be able to get Malakai back into the car to head home. I didn't know what I was going to do, so I texted Ben.  Thankfully he only had another 30 minutes of work, so he left early and met me in the exam room. He got there just in time to hear baby brother's heartbeat with us. Baby is doing just fine and other than what is most likely a separated rib, everything is normal for me as well. Dr. M recommended heat and prescribed some muscle relaxers that are safe during pregnancy, just in case.

Once we got home the pain started to ease up from a sharpness to a dull ache. It almost feels bruised now. I don't plan on taking any meds unless absolutely necessary to function, so here's hoping that some heat and some rest (which is really hard for me) will do the trick. I tend to go about my regular business once the pain lets up and then make things worse. It's hard to rest or even be on "light duty" staying home with a toddler! Hopefully my husband's disapproval will ring in my head all day today and I'll remember to be careful and take it easy.

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  1. Yikes! How scary. Glad it wasn't something terribly serious- it sounds so painful though. What a blessing that your hubby was available so soon to help! Hope it feels better soon-


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