Friday, September 30, 2011

in preparation

Here is what we've done so far to prepare for little brother and family of 4 status (in no particular order)

  • rearrange our bedroom to set up + attach the mini co-sleeper. this also involved us switching sides of the bed.
  • transformation of our guest room into a play room, a few things still pending.
  • rearrange and anchor furniture in Malakai's room. 
  • sort through all of Kai's clothing, newborn-18 months. 
    • wash and organize all newborn-6 month clothing
    • repack all 9-18 month clothing into plastic storage containers and put away in garage.
  • get out of storage: pump, bottles, bath, swing, etc.
  • wash all new baby items: blankets, clothes, etc. and put away
  • contact paper dresser drawers and organize toys, baby toilettries, and clothes into the dresser. 
  • reorganize living room bookshelf to include all children's book (non-board books) that were in the dresser. 
  • dust all surfaces, wash windows, and other deep cleaning
  • clean and organize my vanity/dresser
  • wash insane amounts of our laundry to catch up before baby gets here (ongoing)
  • purchase a deep freeze
  • clear out garden beds and harvest pumpkins + squash. 
  • keep an eye on tomatoes that are still ripening.
    • freeze 2 dozen tomatoes
    • make 3 batches of salsa
    • give away extras
  • Keep up with general weeklies: laundry, dishes, meals, cleaning, diapers, nap time, appointments, birthdays, and more.
  • purge all excess:
    • garage sale
    • donations
    • repurposing
    • garbage + recycle
  • Reorganize + clean garage space. This was a huge job and almost entirely Ben's doing. I wish I had before + after photos to document the transformation. My husband is amazing!
  • pack hospital bag (about 3/4 of the way done)
  • clean out car + install infant car seat.
  • purchase needed items off of baby registry: wash and put away
  • a dozen other things I'm forgetting that we've already done.

Still on the to-do list (also not in order of importance)
  • replace tile floors in kitchen/dining area with laminate flooring (to match the rest of the house) This is in progress and will happen TOMORROW!
  • dust again (after breaking up the tile, the house will need it)
  • vacuum, mop, steam carpets
  • replace door to garage, also tomorrow. the current one is crooked and slides across the floor. 
  • prepare + freeze meals for after little brother's arrival
  • mow + fertilize lawn for the fall
  • repaint kitchen chalkboard
  • repaint baseboards in Kai's room (they're peeling!)
  • clean out fridge
  • get a replacement shelf for the empty spot in our kitchen cupboard that has been w/o one since we moved here.
  • store more toys to make additional space in play room 
  • replace front room blinds
  • hang curtains + decor in playroom, secure furniture to walls
  • finish packing hospital bag
  • pre-register at hospital and complete birth plan
  • choose birth announcments and finalize mailing list
  • finish childproofing: install latches for cabinets in bathroom + kitchen
  • put together bouncer
  • clean off double strollers and store single stroller
  • clean out desk
  • clear all surfaces of clutter: mail, magazines, random items
I think that about sums it up. I obviously still have a lot to do, but aside from packing the hospital bag none of it is detrimental to little brother's arrival. Well, we are praying he doesn't choose to be born while our house is under construction tomorrow, that would prove to be interesting. 

I'm hoping to get most of these things done just so we don't have to worry about them once little brother is here. We know very well that even small chores can go overlooked for a long time when you have a newborn, let alone a toddler as well! Wish us luck!

Happy Friday!

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