Monday, September 19, 2011

36 weeks

Here I am again back when I was pregnant with Malakai, and at the same stage now with little brother. I'm looking much less round and more like a torpedo with this one! I am enjoying having a thinner face thus far this time around. Back in 2009 it was a very hot summer!

{yes, I still have this entire outfit 2 years later}

How far along? 36 weeks (previous pregnancy post here)
Total weight gain/loss: 30lbs.
Stretch marks? unfortunately.
Maternity Clothes: I now have some more options as the weather gets cooler. Layers are a pregnant gals best friend.
Sleep: achey.
Best moment this week: getting an adjustment at the chiropractor.
Movement: much slower these days.
Gender: still boy.
Labor Signs: just mild contractions, about the same thing I was experiencing last time around which makes me wonder if I've progressed like I had then. 
Food Cravings: ice cream, pretty much all the time. I think this has a lot to do with the perpetual heartburn.
Belly Button in or out? flat.
What I miss: sleep, but I'm thinking that it'll be a LONG time before I get a decent 8 consecutive hours again.
What I am looking forward to: having all baby's stuff in it's place. 
Weekly Wisdomstart a regular exercise routine sooner rather than later. I've been doing some things to strengthen my legs and back but it feels like it might be too little too late. 
Baby Brain Moment of the Week: I left half a batch of fresh homemade vanilla icecream out on the counter all night long. AFTER Ben had teased that I might do something like that. It did give me an excuse to make a batch of chocolate though. 
Milestones: weekly doctor's visits and less than 30 days till our due date (28 to be exact)


  1. Oh how cute that you got these identical pics both times~! Blessin's on you and your baby and praying you have a wonderful birth experience when the time comes!

  2. I love the belly pics, and look forward to seeing pictures of little brother :)


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