Friday, September 16, 2011

growing my first garden: tomatoes

It's seems like it took my tomatoes forever to turn from green to even a hint of red. From reading local articles, I'm not the only one who had a long wait, we have our super mild PNW summer to blame. Finally, a couple weeks ago we had our first ripe tomato, even Ben (who loathes tomatoes) admitted that it tasted good! There's just something about sun-ripened tomatoes. Eventually more began to slowly redden.

Today Malakai ventured into the backyard where I haven't dared go for a while now with my back issues and such. I was greeted by a LOT of ripe tomatoes. I figured now was as good a time as any to pick them and figure out what to do with them.


I grabbed the largest bowl I could find and piled about 15 big "slicer" tomatoes into it. I was amazed by the amount of tomatoes that I suddenly had, but to share with you more accurately I needed a size comparison...


or perhaps this angle is more helpful...


That's a lot of tomato! I should take a picture with this bowl again when I reach my due date in about 4 weeks to see how much I grow. ha!

As soon as I set the bowl down in the house Malakai ran in yelling "mayos- mayos!" He kicked off his shoes and climbed a chair to grab one. He opened wide, bit down...and then spit out some skin and put it back, only to reach for another one...

{the tomato by his hand in the bowl has his bite taken out of it}

If I were to let him he'd probably bite into every tomato hoping to find one that tasted like ranch dressing or birthday cake. Sorry kiddo. Although we did discover that he'll eat them in small wedges if they have caesar or ranch dressing on them. Hey, I'll take what I can get when it comes to getting him to eat fresh food. 

I won't be canning them (maybe next year) so I'll make fresh salsa, sandwiches, + salads instead. I'll also be sharing the bounty with family + friends. I've got a couple different recipe ideas from my facebook friends, but feel free to share yours here. I'm looking for something simple and mild.  

Happy Friday Friends!

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  1. We've just started eating my tomatoes too! My grape tomato plant has only produced a couple, but my roma tomato plan has produced a handful. Next year I hope for a garden and more tomatoes. This year I only did a pot of herbs and a couple tomato plants.


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