Friday, August 26, 2011

won't stay fixed...

Our a/c went out in early July and thankfully it was fairly cool so we weren't suffering too badly. Unfortunately it cost us $850 and that was with a generous discount on the service charge, but it was worth it. Then earlier this month it decided to go out again, for a different reason. The people who installed our system 10-15 years ago took a few too many little short cuts with things that didn't matter until now. Another $35 after a very generously discounted service call, plus Ben doing a little bit of work with the repairman on the phone, and we were set once again.

After lunch Malakai grabbed me by the hand to drag me into his playroom. One of my favorite things that he does. On the way over I walked by a vent and the air blowing out was a bit stuffy. I poked my head outside to listen for the pump running, and it wasn't. These were the same indicators that something was wrong the last 2 times. So I called Ben and after a meeting he'll be heading home to see if it's something he can fix.

Meanwhile Kai and I found relief in the kiddie pool out back (more so me than him really) and now we're waiting for daddy to save the day. Sadly for him he has to climb up into the very hot attic to assess the situation. It's highly likely that it's upwards of 120 degrees in there. Pray for him, that he doesn't get too hot or have to be up there long, and that he can figure it out so we don't have to call on our repairman as I'm thinking we've probably run out of favors.

Stay cool + happy weekend,

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  1. It's torturous going in the attic on hot days like today. Luckily, I'm never the one to have to make the journey. Brent always gets the job done. Whatever it is.

    Days like today make me wish we had central air. Liam and I spend our days in the living room by the window unit, and we try to move air around with a fan. The poor kid gets so sweaty at nap time though. His afternoon nap is the worse since the sun is on his window that time of day. He has a box fan in his room, but I keep his afternoon nap short when it's this hot.

    I hope Ben can easily fix the problem. And as you said before, it's better to be pregnant in the heat then have a newborn. I brought dinner to a set of new parents yesterday. Their son is 2 weeks old, and their apartment was hot and stuffy. I'm sure the heat adds to the stress of caring for a newborn.


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