Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thankful on a Thursday: watch them grow

This past Monday we got a big group of us together to visit with some friends who are missionaries in the Dominican Republic and were here on their annual summer visit. It was so fun to see them, catch up on the past year since we've seen them last, meet their newest addition, and best of all- watch the kids play together.

Malakai gets to play with kids his age at church every week, but since I'm either working or attending service I don't really get to watch him interact with his peers. It was such a joy to watch him play cooperatively with my friends kiddos. Out of the 6 kids there, 5 were boys (not including little brother of course). 3 babies and 3 toddlers. Surprisingly there was no hitting, poking, or pushing between the boys...just a little trouble sharing, but no tantrums ensued. They thoroughly enjoyed each others' company.


The adults enjoyed each others' company as well. If only we could get all of us together more often!


This week I'm thankful for...

771. gathering with college friends (it's hard to believe we met 11 years ago!)

772. I also had the opportunity to have lunch with a friend I've known for 17 years this week!

773. learning from friends who have ventured into 2 kid status before us. I'm feeling more at ease about the upcoming transition to being a family of 4.

774. Surviving a busy week where we've had plans every single night. Our plans tonight got cancelled and it's a bit of relief that we can stick around the house together. 

775. a better night's sleep last night than the night before (even with a 2am wake up from a soggy toddler).

776. watching Malakai learn things so quickly. He now knows every letter in the alphabet and numbers 1-10 and a few in the teens. I delight in his growing knowledge + abilities every chance I get. 

777. the play room coming together more and more. I can't wait to put together the storage shelf we got at the baby shower and decorate the walls (and ceiling!). 

778. a bountiful harvest from my very first garden. We got another huge batch of sugar snap peas and picked all the carrots this week. 

779. having 2 cars...I slowing down on my outings as my belly gets bigger and my back gets weaker but it's nice to have the option to go where I want when I want all day!

780. beautiful summer weather that allows us to stay outside til 9pm or later. 


What are you thankful for this week?

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