Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thankful on a Thursday: on the go

761.attending the Global Leadership Summit (

762.the bonding Ben + Malakai are getting while I'm gone all day.

763. A steady supply of snacks and water during a very long day.

764. A lunch date with my sister-in-law yesterday.

765. Sweet comments that boost my self-esteem on a day I really need it.

766. Friends + family going out of their way to help us celebrate little brother this weekend. We are so blessed.

767. Finishing Kai's playroom and watching him enjoy it.

768. Officially owning a 2nd car: making errands,playdates, and appointments so much easier to coordinate.

769. Sunshine and enjoying meals outdoors. One of my gave summer activities.

770. My iPod touch (as outdated as it is) allowing me to entertain my toddler, listen to music, and write this blog post on the go...

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