Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thankful on a Thursday: Malakai + Mama

I'm doing my best, as welcoming little brother into our home gets closer, to shower Kai with some extra love + attention. He's a pretty independent kid so sometimes I have to remind myself to sit down and watch him or interact with him while he's playing. Often he won't let me play with him so I'll "play" beside him or just observe. We've been giving him lots of extra love through praise, hugs, kisses, and the like as well. It's obvious that he senses the change that's coming, and while he's not old enough to understand exactly what's coming, we do our best to explain it to him. I'm soaking in these days when it's just Malakai + Mama, knowing that pretty soon life will be VERY differnt.

This week I'm thankful for...

781. the joy our son brings us and others.

{currently obsessed with numbers + letters}

782. the blueberry cobbler sitting on my counter, awaiting the vanilla ice cream Ben will be bringing home tonight.

783. being able to stay home with Malakai- it's tough, money is tight, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

{teaching Kai how to take a self-portrait}

784. feeling little brother wiggle and squirm all day long.

785. snack food. I've been constantly hungry these days.

786. daydreaming with my husband about what our new son will be like, and look like.

787. lunch with Ben in the middle of the day after an appointment yesterday.

788. our glider rocker being fixed by my uncle. The frame broke at a weld almost a year ago. I'm so glad to not have to purchase a new one, especially because I'm quite attached to the thought of rocking all my babies in the same chair.

789. the patience + peace that God provides amidst particularly frustrating parenting moments.

790. a husband who loves our family with all of himself and takes care of us in every way possible.

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