Friday, August 19, 2011

photo friday: ip cam

We recently got a new gadget that has pretty much revolutionized naps + bedtime. We were struggling with constantly checking on Kai because he started to literally rearrange furniture and strip from the waist down when he was supposed to be sleeping.

We thought we'd register for a video monitor for little brother since it would come in handy with both children, but even the lowest priced monitor seemed out of range for anyone to buy for us. We did some more research on video monitors and decided that they weren't secure enough for us. The negative reviews I ran into on Amazon alerted me to the fact that any neighbors in the area that also had video monitor equipment could tap into our video feed and see us and our kiddos. I know the odds of someone actually doing so are fairly low, but having accidentally heard someone nearby through our audio monitor on a couple of occasions had me creeped out enough to know I didn't want to spend $150 to possibly let strangers into my home.

Ben began to research IP cameras that work exclusively on your home network. These cameras are often used for home security purposes and from the reviews it seems that people are using them for baby monitors more and more. The biggest benefit being security, the 2nd benefit being a much lower price. We decided to go with the Foscam for best reviews + price ($89.99).

When we got it set up it was like a whole new world opened up. We no longer had to open the door and risk disturbing our sleeping toddler, or not open the door and wake up at 12am to find him soaked after taking his diaper off. We also no longer had to wonder about every bump + thump that came from his room. Sometimes he would just bump the side of his bed, other times he was literally moving furniture.

One feature I love is "snapshot" where it takes a still photo. I've taken several as I watch Kai doing something sweet or funny. I've captured bedtime stories with daddy...


and funny moments where he really should be sleeping...

{bonus points if you can spot him in all 4 photos}

and precious and hilarious sleeping positions....
{under the pillow with his feet sticking out is one of my faves}

This camera has been a lifesaver and I'm so glad we finally made a choice and got something that works for our family!  I love watching Kai fall asleep and on the occasions where he's being mischievous I've often been able to holler "no!" from the other room and stop him in his tracks without even going in! Complete game changer! I think it'll come in handy when (if) we decide to have the boys share a room some day as well.

Now, if we could get him to keep his pants/diaper on at bedtime he might go to sleep on time. Any pointers toddler parents? (we've tried onesies + pullups already)


  1. This is so funny (but probably not at the time for you)! I love the one where he is in the bottom left corner of the picture- it looks like he is staring right at the camera! We also have done without a video monitor or even an audio monitor but there have been times when either one would have come in handy for sure. Thanks for pointing out this other option in case we decide to get one in the future!


thanks for responding, I love your feedback!

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