Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Last week I worked in my garden a bit too long and on came the back pain. I remember this specific pain in the sciatic nerve from my pregnancy with Malakai, but it has been much worse this time around. Probably just one of the joys of an aging body that has done this all before.

I was hoping that by stretching and carefully limiting intense activities that I'd be okay in a day or so. It's been over a week and it has gotten worse. I started to question it out loud to Ben last night, complaining that I'd been taking it easy that day. Then I realized I had been lifting my 30lb toddler in and out of the car and into shopping carts + strollers all morning. Bingo.

There's not a whole lot I can do to avoid lifting Malakai altogether, but I guess even running some errands and a quick trip to the library can be a little too much at 7 months pregnant. It's hard to avoid feeling like my body is failing me, but I have to remember that it's busy doing something very important and I have a very sweet and loving husband to help with the laundry, weeding, and lifting for as long as I need it.


  1. Oh no, Ive heard that sciatic pain is terrible! Im so sorry!

    I know what you mean about running after the toddler! Some days I literally get contractions just from picking him up, but like you does one avoid picking up their child?!

    Pregnancy is so different the second time around!

    Also...can you believe how close we finally are to meeting these guys?! 10 ish weeks!

  2. I'm not even pregnant and I've been really feeling the effects of lifting Liam lately. First I was getting sharp back pains, so I started more purposely lifting with my legs. However, now I've strained a tendon behind my knee by doing that. I just can't win.

    Tomorrow is Liam's 18th month appt. We'll see how much he's weighing these days.


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