Friday, August 12, 2011


Is it possible to have "baby-fever" while pregnant? I mean, I know I'll have a snuggly newborn baby boy in about 10 short weeks but I can't help but want to cuddle all the newbies popping up left and right. Friends + family all around me are welcoming new little bundles and I just can't wait to have a teensie little person in the house again.

At about this time with my 1st pregnancy we were feeling just as anxious to meet Malakai. We have the same questions about this little boy...who will he look like? when will his birthday be? what will his temperament be like? And one different one...what on earth is his middle name going to be?! I'm fairly certain we had Malakai's full name down by now but we just can't settle on a middle name for little brother. It's not even an argument, it's more like indecisiveness. Hopefully one will stick before he arrives.

Until then, I'll just be swooning over all the new babies and remembering my 2 year old when he was brand new...

{Malakai at 3 days old, July 2009}


  1. I've got the baby fever too. Cuddling all my friends newborns makes me want another little one. It's just not in the cards for us yet.

  2. If anything I feel like my baby fever is even more pronounced when I am pregnant..its like I know I am THISCLOSE to having a newborn of my own...and i cant wait to meet him!

  3. I have moments of baby fever... i miss my pregnant belly... i miss the feeling of kicks... i miss the tiny newborn snuggles...

    usually Marley crashes into the room naked and thows herself onto the floor in a tantrum right as I am about to turn to Jay and say "lets start trying for another" lol


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