Tuesday, August 9, 2011


The more Malakai says and does, the more I want to document every little bit of it. These are the days where he'll say hilarious things and we can laugh without hurting his feelings. Most of the time he'll laugh with us...it's that whole "monkey see, monkey do" thing.

Exhibit A:
{fun with potato head accessories}

Wanting to record all of these things reminds me of when I was student teaching in a Kindergarten classroom and we kept "anecdotal records"as part of our assessment of each child's development over the year. Of course I keep track of some things here, but I really need a notebook of some sort to just jot down the little things quickly between running to the store, folding laundry and playing on the floor. 

One that I've seen is called "My Quotable Kid" which I found on pinterest, and a friend from college mentioned that she has one and loves it. Is there a way that you keep track of all the little things that your kids say and do that make you laugh, cringe, or even cry? (tears of joy I'd hope)...

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  1. No, but I wish I could find a good way! I mean...my blog, to an extent, but there is no way I can get it all in there.

    Also, that picture is hilarious! I love it!


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